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Helen Boice. She was a substitute teacher during my junior high and high school years. I was not a good math or science student, yet Mrs. Boice would motivate me whenever she covered for a regular teacher. I loved it when she showed up, since she was so upbeat and believed in me more than I did myself. She was one of those people that makes you feel good to just be around. I remember our 8th grade science teacher got very ill and left school. Mrs. Boice took over the class for what ended up being over half the year. I went from being a C student to all A's. She also seemed to show up when I needed it most during high school. I still remember her telling me "David, you need to believe in yourself. You see yourself as an academic failure. I see you as a future nuclear physicist." Given my profession in nuclear power, she wasn't far off the mark. Perhaps a guardian angel? I'll never know. Sadly, she died many years ago. Even thinking about her as I wrote this brought a smile to my face.