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Thank you for returning, rwiebe13.

I'm afraid, though, I can't be of much help. The itinerary RCI booked actually included a legal connection time. Personally, I wouldn't go with anything less than 2 hours in Atlanta, and sadly you found out why.

So, the problem does not lie with RCI.

Delta, however, is another story -- although I agree with Dave that they will not do anything. Their only responsibility is to get you to your final destination, which they did. I understand that getting there late was not an option, and I do feel badly about that. I have had flights held for me on several airlines. In fact, when I flew through O'Hare in April and ran between terminals to make what had originally been a 2-hour connection but was now a 15-minute connection, the gate agent said, as she pointed to a screen in front of her, "Hello, Ms. P, we've been expecting you," and I boarded the flight. So, that's why I originally thought you might have been on two airlines.

As for a credit -- that's what insurance would have provided. Sorry if I seem blunt on this one, but why should someone who did not purchase insurance get reimbursed just as someone who spent the $ for insurance?

Next time, please book your own air (or have your TA do it for you), make sure that any layovers are at least 2 hours, and go down a day before. Cruise lines do not book air transportation for the day before the cruise unless you specifically asked. Your TA should have told you this if you communicated this concern to him/her when you booked.

I am sorry that you missed your anniversary cruise, but I hope you were able to celebrate your anniversary somehow.
Happy cruising!