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OK here goes. First off I am 51 and my wife is 41. We have an 8 year old son who enjoys cruising as much as my wife and I. We have been on 12 curises and are currently booked on the AOS in Feb, the Zenith in April and have decided on the Oosterdam to Alaska in August. I have found what I feel is a wonderful cruise professional at Only fun cruises. This fellow goes the extra mile and somehow gets very good prices on Celebrity and RCCL. As you know agents cannot discount these sailings except there are a few that still can. As far as HA goes, of all the cruises we have taken the Two Zuiderdam cruises were our favorite. WE have done both the ewestern and eastern sailings in August of 04 and just this past August. For my family, this ship is like a home away from home. The only complaint about the new Vista Class ships is the design of the Vista show lounge. It has obstructed views due to polls. that is where the complaints end. Food is well presented in the dining room as well as in the Lido if you decide to not do the formal nights and eat up int he Lido. The Pinnacle Grill was nothing overwhelming to me but I did it as It was a comp. We aloays enjoy the early seating and usually ask for a small table to sit as a family. Not that we dont enjoy other people. We do very mcuh, just not at dinner. The buffet in the Lido each morning was nicer and well set up as compared to RC. I like how they put covers on the plate to keep it warm as you seek out where you will sit. There is never a shortage of lounges you can experience before dinner. We are not drinkers, therefore Not much I can add to that. There was the privacy of the Thermal Spa which we did not make use of. On our first sailing The main pool roof needed to be closed on one or two days as we experienced rain in Grand Cayman. The pool water was heated also. As a matter of fact, on our second sailing we hardly made use of the pool as the activities kept us fairly busy.
My wife and I enjoy many of the participation shows. Each day there is team trivia, one night there was a game show mania, which my wife participated in each year. On many evenings there was various trivia contests in the northern lights lounge. Another reason why we take the early seating is many of these participation shows start at around 7:45 which runs into the second seating. I love sailing HA and my son enjoyed the kids program better than the other ships including Disney. there is personalized attention to the children. One other thought. We have never taken a cruise out of NYC. We prefer to fly to the south or west and cruise to a port from that point. Most of our sailings have been out of Fort Lauderdale and we generally spend an extra day or two pre or post cruise to unwind. If you need me to be more specific on anything. Just ask and I will do the best I can to answer. You can send me a private message if you see me on or ask me here.