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We did the Pride March 2006 and had a wonderful time. A very nice ship, great lay out and wonderful staff.

You will probably have Emmie as your karaoke host(if she is still there). We sailed together in July 2005 on the Spirit (Alaska) and had a blast.

The ports were different (from the Caribbean) but still fun.

PV: Hubby and oldest son did the zipline (Canopy Tour) through Los Des Vernos (independent company) that we booked on the Internet. It is owned by an American and has 14 runs. It is well run and much cheaper than a ship excursion. When we booked it, the Internet rate was $72.00 per person (cash 5% more if you wanted to charge it when you arrived). You did NOT have to give them any credit card info to book the reservation...just your name. The taxi was $3 -6 a person each way to their office and they handled the transportation from there. There is some walking at the beginning...but it was not bad. You literally glide back to the store/cafe area at the end.

Mazatlan: Randi's Horses. $45.00 a person CASH ONLY This includes all transportation to and from the ship. It also includes one beverage (beer or soda). Getting there is kinda fun. You ride in the back of a truck, then on a boat to Stone Island and then in the back of a wagon. You ride your horses for an hour or so on the beach. And you can walk or really run ...whichever you are into. Then the group stops for lunch *not included* on the pay Randi there after the ride and you can eat or just relax until the wagon loads to take you back to the ship. Again, we booked this on the Internet and no credit card needed to make the reservation...just your name.

Cabo: We just took a water taxi to Mango's $2 per person to hang out for the day. Lounge chairs and shade are free...they just expect you to eat and/or drink there.

Have a great cruise.