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A few words about pre-paid tipping.

You ALWAYS on Carnival have the right to go to the purser's desk and ask for them to be removed from your account. I usually do this...not because I'm cheap...quite the contrary. I want to give the people who helped me money IN PERSON. That way they aren't taxed on it. They appreciate it much more!

I tip the cabin steward $5 per day unless there has been something extra they've done. I tip our waiter $10/day per couple. Add $5 per day for kids. I tip the bus person $4/day. Of course all of this is adjustable depending on if their service is extra good or extra bad! I tip the Maitre'D ONLY if he did somethintg for me.

If you are traveling with kids...over the age of 2 and staying WITH you in youjr room...they will charge you $10/day PER person for adults and I think $5/day for kids but I wouldn't swear to that.

Finally, the reason for the tips automatically added on....some people are CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!! These employees are working almost exclusively for tips. So to not tip your chambermaid just because you didn't like the weather is just cheap!! And people will do that.

Hope I answered your questions. Dave and Neil..did I do ok??