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loucna2 08-17-2007 05:36 PM

pronounce Juneau? I've been watching Jeff Corwin's Into Alaska these past few weeks, (it has been a great show very educational.) Anyway He pronounced it: Jew no.
I have always thought it was pronounced:
Jah new. Which way is correct or does it matter?

Dave 08-17-2007 05:47 PM

It is pronounced as Jeff Corwin says it. The emphasis is on the first syllable....JOOOOno.

mickeyd 08-18-2007 02:40 PM

I agree that Jeff's new Alaska show is terrific. Joo no is how I have always pronounced it. Never heard it pronounced any other way come to think of it.

loucna2 08-19-2007 07:29 AM

Thanks ya'll. I guess I've never thought about it till I watched Jeff's show and got to wondering about it. lou

Greyson 08-19-2007 10:52 AM

That is when you ask someone, Joo No the capital of Alaska?

f-mattox 08-19-2007 11:45 AM


goin' cruisin' 08-19-2007 12:33 PM

If you don't know the answer, you respond I-da-ho

Chef Ken 08-19-2007 12:44 PM

I'm dying in Miss ou ri.

loucna2 08-19-2007 04:15 PM

Ya'll are funny!! That's why I like it here.

susanmaz 08-20-2007 01:05 PM

What did Della-Wear?

Her New Jersey.....

(Sorry - hadta do it!) Next time, I'll use the Lido Deck - promise...

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