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07-30-2007 07:47 PM

Off to alaska next week, we have the Dogsled excursion booked, which i understand is on a glacier.

A guy i work with just got back and said he was on a glacier (not in skagway) that he was walking on top of, and there were crevices in the glacier you could see straight down about 200 feet, and they had to jump over....

I would like to do this, is something like this available on or near the dogsled camp? I would guess not, because obviously the dogs can't run on this

Can anyone suggest a glacier tour (not necessarily in Skagway) that i could do in addition to the dog sled thing that i could climb around and walk on top of a glacier?

digdmr 07-30-2007 07:54 PM

We did the ERA helicopter glacier/dogsled tour in Juneau and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It was a 20 minute helicopter flight over various glaciers, landing on the top of Norris Glacier where there is a dogsled camp. You actually ride the dogsled for about 45 minutes and then the helicopters come and take you back to Juneau. We booked it through Princess and it was $499 per person, but it was well worth it! Here is a picture of the dogsled camp. The pictures I have seen of the Skagway dogsled ride is on dirt, not on snow.

07-30-2007 09:25 PM

Hey there thanks for the reply

Ironically i already spent about 45 minutes looking at all your pictures on a link in a different thread before i even posted! I enjoyed them!

YOu have me nervous about the Skagway thing tho not being on snow. In the pictures it shows snow and ice.....and the description says "Land at the dog camp that is nestled among an endless sea of mountain peaks on a glacier above historic Skagway. "

So hopefully it is similar....

although comparing the two now, for just about the same price, Juneau's excursion is 45 minutes longer......and that would free up my day in Skagway for the train ride...

digdmr 07-31-2007 06:12 AM


I've never been to Skagway, but the pictures I've seen show a dirt dogsled ride. I just got on line and it looks like the M&M helicopter tour and dogsled ride, or Temsco helicopter tour are pretty much what we did in Juneau. If you've booked with one of these companies I think it would be the same experience. If not, you can contact the company you booked with and make sure it will be on snow and not dirt. What other ports are you going to?

Have a great cruise!

mickeyd 07-31-2007 02:44 PM

We just flew over this dog slead site on Thursday (7/30) and the helicopter pilot pointed it out right slap-dab in the middle of a glacier that was about 1500 feet deep! Considerng that a foot of ice equates to about 100' of snow, it looked like a real nice place to take a July.

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