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bizzybee 11-20-2007 08:45 AM

My husband and I are taking the 14-day from San Francisco cruise to Alaska with Celebrity. I understand the weather can be unpredictable. I plan on taking jeans,cordoroys, a variety of long and short sleeve tops, sweatshirts, fleece and waterproof outerwear. I don't want to overpack, but want to be prepared. Has anyone ever used Celebrity's laundry service? Any suggestions are welcome.

rochbie 11-23-2007 01:33 PM

Thank you for your reply to my previous post. I asked the same question in another thread, about laundry. I was told that there are coin operated laundromats, and you can get the coins from the casino. The advise was to carry a small smaple size detergent box. Or you can have room service do it for you, at a price.

LisaP 11-23-2007 02:50 PM

Hi bizzybee. As you are going on Millennium, leave the laundry detergent at home as there are no self-service laundromats. (Great idea, though, rochbie!)

We used Celebrity's laundry service on Century and were very pleased with it. During the cruise, they ran a special for something like $20 for all you can fit into a large paper bag they supply.

As to the packing question, take it from someone who lives in the Northeast -- layers are the way to go. Your list sounds fine, but you can cut down on the bulk by bringing just one or two sweatshirts, one fleece jacket, and perhaps a windbreaker to wear on top any or all of these items in case of rain. (This is what we packed for our cruise to the Norwegian Fjords earlier this year.) Same for the jeans -- bring a few pair, and have Celebrity launder them as needed. We were able to stuff 2 or 3 pair into the $20 bag mentioned above.

What types of excursions are you planning?

bizzybee 11-24-2007 09:46 AM

Thanks for the great information. Since we will be traveling for a total of 16 days, I was little concerned about laundry and having enough clothes. When you are spending time outdoors it is not always feasible to count on wearing the same pants twice.
In Juneau we are hoping to do the Photo Safari By Land and Sea, which includes Mendenhall Glacier; The White Pass Railroad in Skagway and the Sea Otter & Wildlife Quest in Sitka. We are debating if we want to do the Misty Fjord Float Plane. I'm a little apprehensive after last year's crash. Whatever we do, I'm looking forward to the beautiful scenery.

Berick1234 11-24-2007 01:14 PM

Hi Bizzybee,

You didn't say when you were cruising to Alaska...May is chilly and wet, September is the between it's a mixed bag...As was said before..layering is the way to go...and a good Rainsuit is a must...but then again, on our two cruises to Alaska, the weather was completely year it was cold, wet and cloudy...last year it was warm enough in early June to wear shots in a few just be prepared....sounds as if you have some nice excursions planned. Mendenhall glacier is very nice and the White Pass Railroad is outstanding...well worth the price...we plan on a third trip up there this coming summer and will take the train ride for the third time...Alaska is almost a religious experience....Enjoy every minute....

Bob E

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