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lawsonbl 05-20-2007 03:51 PM

We will be arriving in Fairbanks in late June and taking the land tour down to Anchorage to get on a Princess Cruise. We were to take the train from Fairbanks to Denali, then from Denali to McKinley and then from McKinley to Whittier. Princess has just notified us that instead of the train from Denali to McKinley, we will be on a bus. The bus is a much shorter trip, which will allow us more time in the hotels, but we are wondering what we would be missing by going on the bus. Apparently, Princess overbooked the train.

Greyson 05-21-2007 11:26 AM

Denali and McKinley are the same park. You will take a tour through Denali by bus. That is how it usually works anyway.

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