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tdoggydog78 08-27-2008 09:33 PM

My wife and I are planning on the zip line excursions in Alaska coming up soon; however, weather reports indicate rain, rain, rain. On other sites from various US states they indicate that the zip lines operate rain or shine, but can't find anything on Alaska. Does the Alaskan one still function in the rain? If so, SWEET!

h2oski 08-28-2008 05:00 PM


We just got back from the zip line excursion and yes it rained quite a bit at times. As long as you are dressed for it you will have no trouble. The only caveat is I am a bit over the 250 lb limit and one has to be very careful on some of the runs. I decided to "let it run" and does the term "a dear in the headlights" look from our guide explain to you what I must have looked like. You fly when its wet!!!!

Actually it was a great excursion. Well worth it and a lot of fun. We went on the one in Juneau where they take you on a boat to an old gold mine. Really cool.

Hope this helps.

tdoggydog78 08-28-2008 09:52 PM

Actually, yes, that helps quite a bit! We were getting sad thinking if the zip line was canceled, but it didn't make sense that only rain would stop it from operation (now lightning on the other hand, I can see).

And if the wet makes it go faster...then...sweet!!!

CanCanCase 09-22-2008 08:35 AM

Lightning? Nah... we've got so many super tall mountains that all the clouds are continually grounded... I've seen 2 electrical storms in over 30 years... I think you've got a better chance of having the trip cancelled because of a tsunami...!

Happy Alaska Travels!

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