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PeaceCruiser 03-05-2008 10:41 PM

Hi all,

Anyone here will be on May 30 cruise ship? I'm debating between charter boat to Tracy Arm and exploring Juneau town. Any comment on this?

Anyone would like to share a private charter boat to Tracy Arm with us on June 1st? I found a good deal but need 2 more passenger. If you're interested, please let me know.


CanCanCase 03-15-2008 11:33 PM

I can't exactly join you, as I'll be driving my own boat to Tracy Arm that day (!) but can you tell us a little more about the tour? Who are you going with? I know quite a few folks who would love to fill up a tour, but who won't get on a 6-pack boat unless it's 5-Star safety certified.

What time are you going? for how long? what all is included (ie: lunch, etc.?)


waterart 03-16-2008 04:13 AM

We went to Alaska last year on Princess. We tried to charter a boat to Tracy Arm from Juneau. If you are planning on doing it from Juneau, you need to know that the trip is very long, and you have to leave at least 9-10 hours, according to the various charter companies. In the end, because we had like 7-8 hours, they persuaded us that it would be tough to do. I really wanted to do it but we had a great time seeing Juneau by private charter. If, however, you have the time in your cruise schedule (early arrival/late departure) then Tracy Arm is supposed to be magnificent. The company I would recommend for a charter of Tracy Arm or Juneau is Harv and Marv's Alaskan Outback. They are fantastic. They book up early so make the reservation early. You can find them on the internet. If everything else were even, and you have the time in your cruise schedule, I would easily choose Tracy Arm over Juneau town.

CanCanCase 03-16-2008 10:51 AM

Just for clarification, until the Hobart Bay port opens up, Juneau is the closest port to Tracy Arm. I think what waterart may have run into is the fact that most charter boats base out of the small boat harbor in Auke Bay. It's a part of Juneau, but you have to ride a shuttle 30 minutes each way from the ship, AND it's an extra hour's run each way on the boat since Auke Bay is just farther from Tracy Arm than downtown.

The regular options for Tracy Arm are:
1) Allen Marine - can only be booked via the cruise line since they run a 5-hour tour that meets the cruise ship IN Tracy Arm. They take about 150 passengers per boat.
2) Adventure Bound - runs every day in the summer. Departure is usually 8 or 9 am (at the latest) so if you have a 9 am or later port time, you've "missed the boat". They usually run an 8-9 hour tour so that you can really stop and see whales, bears, icebergs, etc. It's more than just a boat ride getting to a destination and back as fast as they can. They take between 20 and 60 per boatload.
3) Alaskan Marine Adventures - runs Tracy Arm tours regularly, although it is usually a private charter. This is the only one of the 3 regulars that includes meals and snacks. It's also the only charter boat that's 5-Star safety certified that runs to Tracy Arm on a regular basis. It's a very fast boat - their tour is booked as 9-hours, but can easily be scaled back to 7 or 8 when we request it.

I agree with the previous post... I would definately choose Tracy Arm over spending a day in town in Juneau. Remember, a Tracy Arm tour isn't just about seeing a glacier that's 3 hours away from town. This is one of those spectacular areas that just can't be described with words. The steep walls of the fjord also "condense" the wildlife... your chances of seeing bears, goats, sheep, whales, murrelets, deer, etc are much greater than out in the open.

Happy Alaska Travels!

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