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lv2crz 01-20-2008 03:56 PM

I was wondering if there were times that were better than others to visit Hubbard Glacier. I've been reading reviews and it seems that most of the cruises in the fall were able to get very close yet the ones in May when we're planning to go had to stay miles away. Just want to make sure its worth the extra money for the cruise line that is heading up there. Thanks.

CanCanCase 01-22-2008 10:33 AM

Hubbard may not be very aproachable at all in 2008... <edit to remove link to another forum>

Dave 01-22-2008 11:39 AM

Hi CanCanCase,

Unfortunately, posting links to other forums (which is what you did) are not allowed here.

CanCanCase 01-22-2008 11:55 AM

Well then we'll just have to post the original article instead! ;-)

Now I see why it takes so long for these forums to grow and actually have any useful activity and information... everyone's trying to sell their own stuff!


Dave 01-22-2008 12:10 PM

Thanks for the "allowable" link! Now I'm disappointed because I am headed to Alaska this June!

TrvlPro 01-22-2008 12:18 PM

<self edited> sorry long days are making me testy. I need a cruise!

Jim C. 01-22-2008 12:32 PM


Originally posted by CanCanCase:
Now I see why it takes so long for these forums to grow and actually have any useful activity and information... everyone's trying to sell their own stuff!

Quoted from the guy posting a link to his own site for Alaska Fishing excursions..... I hope that was a little fun being made at yourself.

Read and follow the "Terms of Service" link and you can post all you want (within the limits of the TOS) We simply can't allow everyone to come in and try to sell something or there would be to many posts to wade through to find actual cruising information.

CanCanCase 01-22-2008 06:06 PM

@Dave Beers-
If your port time allows, be sure to get on one of the small boat tours to Tracy Arm while you're in Juneau. Yes, I run those too, but for the absolute best chances of getting to Sawyer Glacier, go with Adventure Bound. Steve runs up there every day, all summer, and has a great record at getting through the ice to put on a great show. If viewing tide-water glaciers is a priority, and you miss some or all of the Hubbard experience, a side-trip to Tracy Arm is the sure ticket!

Sorry to be so "defensive"... If you find the cure for being testy, would you mind sharing? I'm actually banned from the "biggie site" as you call it... we call it "The Dark Side" here... same difference. I originally visited that site to try to correct some of the mis-information that major posters and admins on that site were spreading themselves. They don't like honest answers directly from locals. Actually, there are a number of "customers" who are actually tour operators shilling their wares. When I came on I felt like being honest, so I made everyone aware that I was a tour operator, but also a life-long Alaska resident and would be happy to offer what information I knew about anything at all... the notion that there is a "right" tour for everyone seems beyond most folks. While I'm always happy to sell one of my tours, I'd really rather see our visitors get matched up with the tour that's BEST for them... even if it's not mine. If you do happen to follow any link I've posted and find mis-information, please let me know... I'd like to do anything in my power to correct anything that isn't 100% accurate.

@Jim C-
Actually, the original link was NOT to my site for fishing excursions. The link was to a forum which was recently started to provide news, information and discussion related to Alaska. That forum (I'm intentionally not posting links or names now!) happens to be sponsored in-part by MY site which does sell excursions and charters. Not all too different from linking to an article on and seeing all the ads selling cruises (like at the top of this page.) As for my "now I see why it takes so long..." comment, you are correct... I was poking a bit of fun at the forum I linked to, as well as all of the smaller, less active forums out there. The only sites that have a massive post volume seem to be the ones that allow the more subtle (and dishonest) forms of advertising.

As Dave Beers politely pointed out, links to other forums is against the TOS. I guess I'm one of the few who IS willing to glean the wheat from the chaff (so to speak) and find good articles amid a moderate bit of advertising. I read many travel related websites for interesting and relevant information... ALL of them advertise something.

And holy cow... sorry to have strayed so far off the topic at hand. The bottom line is that Hubbard is advancing rapidly once again. Anyone who really wants to see a tide-water glacier up-close needs to plan an itinerary in Glacier Bay, or have a backup plan (like Tracy Arm) if Hubbard isn't accessible. I'm also concerned from a fish habitat point of view... if all that silty glacier water spills over into the Situk River, it will change the whole balance of things in the northern part of SE Alaska. Just like this hover-barge the Canadians are trying to run up the Taku River... but that's a post for another day (with an entirely different set of linked articles!) ;-)

Sorry to get everyone so riled up... (*Gently patting the forum and whispering, "nice doggie"*)


Dave 01-22-2008 06:48 PM

Okay everybody, let's back away from the keyboards for a bit.

Case - thanks for the good info. Being that this forum is owned by a commercial entity we have to be careful about things. Thanks for understanding that.

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