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LaurieM 12-01-2007 07:04 PM

We are booked on the Coral Princess 14 day southbound cruise tour for next August. We fly into Anchorage, the Denali for 2 days, Fairbanks, Coldfoot, Prudhoe Bay (Deadhorse), fly back to Anchorage, and then southbound cruise- Anyone been on this one- Advice? Best part of land tour? All imput breathlessly awaited.

f-mattox 12-01-2007 08:41 PM

Hi LaurieM, and welcome to cruise-chat; not having done a cruise-tour, I can't offer any input there. But you're gonna' love Coral Princess. She is not only a beautiful ship, but ideally suited to Alaska cruising; lots of wide open deck areas and plenty of comfortable viewing areas inside with floor-to-ceiling windows, if it gets chilly outside. The Horizon Court, being on top and all the way forward, makes a great vantage point; and food and drink is only steps away.

esrosa 12-02-2007 12:02 PM

Hi LaurieM, what a brilliant choice of holiday. We have done a similiar 14 day trip, starting at Fairbanks and going on to Denali and Copper River before taking Coral Princess to Vancouver. In Fairbanks don't miss the gold mine and the riverboat trip. I agree with f-mattox when he says you will love Coral. She is fantastic and our favourite ship. There is loads of space inside and out so it's very easy to enjoy the spectacular scenery. She is what we term a 'happy ship' - the crew really set out to make the cruise something special. One day, soon I hope, we will be able to sail with her again. Do you have a balcony? Glaciar Bay from your balcony is simply incredible, especially if you get a calm sunny day. I am sure you will have a wonderful holiday!

LaurieM 12-04-2007 08:10 AM

Yes , we have a port side balcony. We have been reading reviews of the places we will stay in Anchorage(the Hilton has mixed reviews), the Princess lodges, and the trucker places we will stay at in Coldfoot and Deadhorse. We'd like to hear about these kind of places.

esrosa 12-05-2007 12:39 PM

That is the best side for cruising south. When viewing the glaciers in College Fjord and Glacier Bay the ship will turn so that everyone gets a good view, but nothing beats cruising in these areas with your own balcony. We also splashed out and had the Champagne Breakfast as we cruised into Glacier Bay - well worth the extra money!
Sorry we haven't stayed at the Hilton in Anchorage or in Coldfoot and Deadhorse so I can't comment on them. Perhaps someone else will be able to help you there. Fairbanks Lodge is very comfortable. Good bar and restaurants with local live music. If you are lucky you may get a room overlooking the river! Denali Lodge is huge! It has a totally different atmosphere from Fairbanks, much more lively. It too is comfortable with good bars and restaurants. Accommodation is in separate buildings, so it will be necessary to go outside to reach the main building and the restaurants (only a nuisence if it is raining! We went to the 'dinner theatre' one night and really enjoyed the show, the food and the fun!
Anything else I can help with?

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