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juliemast 05-11-2007 05:16 PM

We cruise the Alaskan Voyage of the Glaciers with Princess in June, with Port stops at Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. We have already reserved the railway excursion out of Skagway, having heard so much about it. I don't want to do an excursion in Ketchikan - that's a place I definately see my husband and I wandering around. However, Juneau is what I would like feedback about. I have almost decided to reserve the Mendenhall Glacier excursion ahead of time also. If we do that in the morning, we have time for another excusion at 3PM. If we do that, I would like to do the Rainforest Gardens one. Okay so the discussion I would like to see is if it is really the smart thing to do to do two excursions in Juneau, to see the most, or if it is smarter to do one, and then wander around the rest of the time. Also, I get the impression from the Princess Packet that excursion such as the ones I've mentioned may have wait lists by the time you get on ship, so it's wise to reserve. Is this true? Thanks ahead of time.

Jill SC 05-17-2007 08:54 AM

In Juneau you can take the tram up the mountain on your own - it is close the ship. Not only is it a spectacular view, there are walking trails and an information centre with a theatre, shops, etc.
And of course, there is the saloon!!

Greyson 05-17-2007 10:14 AM

We booked a tour through the ship with Mendenhall Glacier and whale watching combined. We saw lots of whales, it was an awesome trip.

vafatboy 05-26-2007 04:57 AM

We did that cruise last year. The best part of our trip was in ketchican. We took a float plane trip from seawind aviation. The family that runs this was great. The views from the plane were awsome. Our ship was a little late docking. The waited for us. After, the offered us one of there vans to tour the island. On the flight, we landed on a small island in a lake in the mountains.

If you want to see pictures, send me an e-mail at

In juneau we chartered a boat thru ak-whale whale watching. The smaller boat was the way to go. The bigger boats were 65 per person to be shoved in with 100.00 other people. The private boat was 105.00 per person. The paired us up with another couple. 4 people plus the 2 crew on a 33 foot boat. We got much closer than the big boats could.

With both of these, we had time to wonder around the towns. Took the cable car up to the top of the mountain.

susanmaz 05-27-2007 09:36 AM

Both Juneau and Ketchican are hilly - we walked around both towns. Not hard walks, but be aware if anyone has mobility issues. The tram in Juneau is an easy walk from the pier. It was really enjoyable, although we didn't do it until later in the day, and it was getting dark so we didn't get to do any hiking at the top of the mountain. We didn't go into the saloon - by the time we got back down to the dock area, two more ships had arrived and it was packed.... not our scene. The state museum in Juneau was wonderful. We took a bus up to the Russian church, and walked back downtown. We snooped around the state building, found a thrift store, checked out the grocery store and a great Mexican restaurant on a back street. We also just wandered around Ketchican - but we have heard the trip to the Totem Pole village is a nice trip.

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