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zoom 01-26-2012 12:46 PM

new to board with question
My wife and I will be going on our first Alaska Cruise the second week of June and are very excited. My question is about the timing. We are flying in and out of Seattle. Our options for the return flight are very tricky. Being 4 time cruisers to Caribbean , its never been a problem getting off the boat early and we know how long it takes to get to airports in Florida both Mia. and Ft. La.
But we don't know how long it takes to get from Cruise Port in Seattle to the airport in Sea. ??? What are some of you guys experiences ? We have a couple of flights that leave at 8:30. I know that would be cutting it close,, but any chance we could make it by getting off boat at 7:00 ? thanks for any help

susanmaz 01-26-2012 03:19 PM

I can't imagine giving myself at least three hours from disembarkation to airplane boarding. If you're arriving on a work day in Seattle, the traffic will be horrendous going to the airport at rush hour. And it could conceivable take 30 - 60 minutes to go through security. Plus I wouldn't plan on disembarking as early as 7:00am . . . one can never tell if the ship will be cleared by customs by that early in the morning . . . Play it safe and book departing airfare for at least 10:00. If this is your first Alaskan cruise - congratulations and enjoy it . . it's such a wonderful trip.

LisaP 01-26-2012 08:34 PM

Welcome aboard, zoom. We are in the same situation as you in that flight times were either very early or very late in the day. The later flight would get us home close to midnight on the east coast, given the time zone change, so we opted to stay an extra night in Seattle and take the early flight the following day.

If staying an extra night isn't possible, I would suggest a later flight, as susanmaz mentioned. Often, your cruise line will indicate the earliest times they recommend for the return flight, although it is sometimes hard to find. Which ship and line are you sailing?

zoom 01-27-2012 05:59 PM

thanks for the info. We haven't decided which cruise line yet. We are leaving 2 days before 4 different cruise lines will be leaving out of Seattle. We know which lines we didn't want to take so we found the dates that would allow us 4 different options. I know that sounds crazy, but we have been watching prices for the last 3 years and know that the price really goes down the last 3 weeks before sailing. Yea you don't get a suite or a great balcony, but we have had balconies and inside staterooms,, didn't matter much to us. If we could afford it , YES we would do balcony every time... but heck if we could afford it I"d get a! So.. what we do is buy our airfare now.. and wait to book our boat. Yes its our first trip to Alaska! We've sailed Celebrity, RCI, and Carnival. Won't ever sail Carnival again.. LOVE Celebrity and RCI..

LisaP 01-29-2012 09:58 AM

Your process sounds reasonable to me, especially as stateroom type isn't important. Worst case, you find yourself with a week or more in Seattle and the surrounding areas, which isn't that bad.

I looked at Royal Caribbean's site, where they have an engine that helps you determine the earliest time for your departing flight. I entered Rhapsody of the Seas, disembarking June 22, and the recommendation was 11:45 am or later. It shouldn't be much different for other lines; we're taking HAL, and I recall something similar.

Cruise Fanatic 01-29-2012 12:51 PM

I think your plan is very risky. This is your dream vacation that you have been planning for three years, I would not wait until three weeks prior to try and save some money. Alaska is a limited season. There is no guarantee pricing will follow the same pattern as previous years. You mentioned Celebrity and RCI the second week of June. Those sailings already have wait listed cabin categories on sold out lower categories, and sold out suites and balconies. They may in fact lower prices three weeks prior to sell out the remaining cabins. Most likely it will be a discount on higher priced cabins. In actuality if you had booked in advance, you would have paid a better price for the lower priced cabins.

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