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flynnstone 01-06-2013 08:18 PM

First Alaskan Cruise - Need advice

My family and I are planning a 7-day Alaskan cruise, departing from Seattle, during May of this year. We are between the ages of 25 and 35, and are trying to decide which cruise line/ship and route would best meet our expectations during this time of year. So far we've looked at Holland America, Carnival, and Princess. Our overall goal is to find a ship that will show us some of the best scenery Alaska has to offer, a good mix of glaciers, wildlife, nature etc. I'd also like to make sure the ship we choose has activities for us to partake in (casino/ice skating?/shows) since we are a younger crowd.

I understand that much of what i'm looking for is subjective, and i may get 3 different answers from 3 different people. However, since many of you have cruised Alaska several times, i would appreciate any advice you can provide, especially what we may want to avoid.

Thank you!

Dave 01-07-2013 07:56 AM

Alaska cruises are different when it comes to demographics of the guests. While in the Caribbean your ages would tend to be happier on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian, in Alaska it really doesn't matter as much. Princess and Holland America have the most experience in the Alaska market and are pretty much always #1 and #2 on most lists. But then there are thousands of happy customers each season who went with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, or Norwegian.

The ship is more a hotel and conveyance since Alaska is all about the ports and not so much the cruise ship.

The itineraries for all the cruise lines follow the same paths. Find the itinerary you like and then see which cruise lines are doing it. Then look at the pricing. I think that is the best approach.

Sandy 01-07-2013 11:42 AM

My recommendation would be either Princess or Royal Caribbean. I don't think any ships with ice skating will be sailing from Seattle in May. I think Holland America still attracts an older demographic in May, but Dave is right that it's probably not as old as Holland America in the Caribbean.

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