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andie1 04-29-2009 12:06 PM

I'm trying to decide on an Alaskan cruise and believe I've narrowed it down to Princess or Holland America. For those who've been on the large ships and the small ones, is one better for seeing scenery/wildlife and ease of disembarking at ports? I've thought that smaller ships are better, but perhaps not. One of the ships we're looking at (Statendam) has 1/2 the passengers of the big Princess ships. Our priorities are sights first, then I like good food and my husband likes a nice gym and sports. Both of us prefer not to hear lots of noisy kids (or drunk adults) when we're trying to relax. We are looking at Vanc. northbound.

Also, I've heard that the train from Seward to Anchorage goes through spectacular scenery. What about Whittier to Anchorage? Thanks.

Cruise Fanatic 04-29-2009 12:53 PM

Both cruise lines are tops in Alaska. Both will have great food, and a gym. I also don't think you have to worry about noisy kids or drunks on either line. The train from Whittier will take the same route to Anchorage as the Seward train. Whittier is closer to Anchorage. Obviously the less people on a ship will be less people to contend with getting off and on the ship. The Statendam may be smaller, but it is still a large ship. I don't think there's much difference in these two ships getting closer to the animals. You would have to sail on a Cruise West ship to get really up close. I would go with the itinerary you like best and the time spent in port.

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Berick1234 05-13-2009 12:59 PM

Not much to see on the Whittier to Anchorage ride....We did see Buluga Whales, but that was just about it....To me it looks like Northern Minnesota with mountains.....But Alaska is worth the trip...Been there 3 times and will go a fourth...There should be a naturalist on the ship to point out animals along the way....At least NCL and Carnival had them on board...Happy cruising and take the White Pass Railroad ride....

Bob E

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