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Sherif 03-28-2009 11:58 AM

Heading to Alaska next August for a family vacation, we will be on board of Coral princess northbound cruise, depart Vancouver to Whittier, followed by a land tour to Denali. We are very anxious to have a helicopter or floatplane tour, but we could only afford a SINGLE flight, as we are a 4 adults, our budget is 1000-1300 USD, reviewed dozens of tour from Ketchikan to Denali; if weather is not an obstacle, and you have to select only one, which tour is highly recommended?
Thanks for advice and help.

Nadine 04-10-2009 05:14 PM

We were on the Coral Princess in May 2008 when we took our Alaska cruise. She is a beautiful ship and the cruise was fantastic!

We took a floatplane in Juneau. We booked the excursion on the ship. The floatplane took us to Taku Glacier and Lodge. It was one of our favorite excursions.

The flight to the Lodge was beautiful. At the Lodge they served us a delicious grilled salmon dinner. The owners of the Lodge were very nice and very appreciative of the tourists who visited there.

I had friends who took a helicopter to Mendenhall Glacier a couple of years ago. They booked the excursion on the ship and thoroughly enjoyed that trip, too.

Alaska is so unique and beautiful that you will spend a week going "Wow!".


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