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Dave 07-08-2009 11:37 AM

Now might be the time to look at Silversea. I posted this news article today where you can read the details.

The sample prices might look high, but don't compare them to typical mainstream cruises. For around $5000 a couple can have a 7 night Caribbean cruise which includes the cruise, air, drinks, tips, and a true luxury experience on a small ship. Add up what you'd pay on a typical cruise and the Silversea offer looks mighty tempting.

Sandy 07-08-2009 08:26 PM

Thanks for posting the article, Dave.

In fact, all of the luxury cruise lines are making very attractive offers on their cruises. Regent, another all-inclusive cruise line, has many cruises where it is giving most of its shore excursions for free through 2010. They also have discounted prices and some air-inclusive deals.

Crystal is giving a $1000 per person onboard credit, to use as you wish. Crystal is not all-inclusive, but with that credit, you can pay for most of your drinks and shore excursions.

It's a great time to try one of the luxury cruise lines, now often priced the way premium cruises have been priced in the past.


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