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TLC 07-10-2007 10:22 AM

I have never taken a cruise before but am very interested in a Greek island land and cruise package with the cruise portion being with Louis Cruise Lines. Can anybody tell me that has cruised with them if formal dress is required for dinner? My husband and I are not formal people. Can anyone recommend any cruise lines that are very nice (not budget) but do not require formal wear for dinner?

Raoul Fiebig 07-10-2007 11:50 AM


welcome to

You don't need particularly formal wear on Louis Cruise Lines. However, like on virtually all lines, a certain standard is required, i.e. no shorts for dinner etc.

For the formal nights, a jacket and tie for gentlemen and a corresponding dress for ladies is adequate.

As for more upscale lines that offer casual cruises (Louis actually is a budget line), Oceania Cruises is my recommendation if you are looking for mid-sized ships, superb cuisine and service as well as for a casual atmosphere with no formal nights. Newcomer Azamara Cruises is more or less an Oceania clone (even using the same class of ships), but it remains to be seen whether that cruise line will be able to deliver the same high standard. Personally, I haven't tried Azamara, yet.

penny3333 07-10-2007 11:50 AM

Welcome to cruise-chat TLC. I've not cruised on Louis Cruise Lines, so do not know what their attire is. All of the lines we've been on have had the buffet option, which is not formal. We've only sailed on Norweigan Caribbean, Costa, Royal Caribbean, Holland American, Carnival, and Princess. Princess is my favorite, so far, but that is only my opinion. If you have a travel agent, that specializes in cruises, that would probably be your best avenue for advice. Cruise specialists can match your requirements to the best fit. You are in for a wonderful experience, but be aware, cruising is addictive I'm sure there will be others to help you on this board as well. Best wishes!

jack2007 07-10-2007 02:13 PM

Hi TLC, I am from the uk and a cruise on ocean village or ocean village 2 may be what you are looking for.I would be cautious before you choose Louis cruises as reports I have heard have not been encouraging...I think Raoul is correct when he says they are a budget cruise line.....good luck in your research. Jack

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