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Odyssey 6 11-01-2007 11:40 AM

Is the Amadeus Symphony river boat still operated by Amadeus Waterways? I found it listed for a Gate 1 Travel cruise on the Danube. It wasn't listed on the Amadeus Waterways website.

fneumeier 11-05-2007 01:03 AM


No, the Amadeus Symphony is owned and operated by the Austrian river cruise company Lueftner ( Lueftner has chartered the Symphony to Amadeus Waterways when they started started their business. Now Amadeus Waterways is operating two own ships (Amalegro and Amadagio) and will have another new one in 2008.

Luefter now has chartered the Symphony to Gate1Travel. This company started in late 2006 with Christmas cruises. They have partial charters on different ships. They used the MS Bolero (operated by the German cruise company Nicko Tours) in 2007 and the MS Deutschland (a former Viking River Cruise Ship). For 2008 they obviously have chartered the Amadeus Symphony.

Just to make it a bit more confusing: Lueftner has called its ships "Amadeus..." for some years now. Then Amadeus Waterways was founded and they add "Amadeus" to their ships too. So there are a couple of "Amadeus" ships out on the Danube river which belong to two different companies.


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