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kpmcgil 09-04-2008 07:01 PM

Hi there cruisers.
We are going on the MSC Lirica in the Caribbean next January.
We are experienced travelers, but this is our first cruise.
I was reading some reviews and someone wrote that there was no free ice cream. I though all the food was included and you just paid for alcohol. My husband and I don't drink alcohol, but enjoy cappucino at night, is there a charge for that?
Also, we aren't crazy about getting all dressed up for dinner. Do you have to go to the main dining room for dinner? Or are there other places to go where you don't have to eat so much?
Thanks, I'm sure I'll be writing again with more questions as the time approaches

atleetalie 11-18-2008 08:16 AM

First of all about the 'included' food, it's true that they advertise with all-inclusive. But it means that you get breakfast, lunch, some snacks, and dinner for the price. Most drinks are excluded, coffee for breakfast is quite regular so you'll get that. About the ice-cream I don't no the details but I think it's excluded.

Dinner is formal, you can choose wich seating you prefer. There are a couple of restaurants aboard, you'll get a table in one. And there are restaurants wich offer you special food for and additional fee.

penny3333 11-18-2008 09:26 AM

Hi kpmcgil and atleetalie, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Some lines offer different "free" options. Check on board during the day near the pool area or in the buffets, there may be free ice cream offered. Coffee, tea, water, milk, and juices at breakfast are free. Some cruise lines have a fruit punch or lemonade option at lunch and dinner that are free. Most cruise lines charge for cappucino. I haven't had the pleasure of sailing on MSC, but have sailed on Costa, which is as close as I can come. Costa offered free gelato at lunch in the buffet, dinner too. They did have some specialty coffees available at certain times for free. I feel certain you'll be able to find plenty to eat and drink without spending any extra for it. The water on board ship is fine for drinking. They have bottled water available, but I really believe the ship's water is more pure. Hope you have a fantastic cruise, and once again, welcome aboard!

countrymoon 11-18-2008 03:18 PM

I read some posts awhile ago about there is no food served for several hours during the day.
Anybody know if this is true, what are the hours and are you able to buy, if the inclusive food is closed for several hours per day.
Also is there anything open all night on the ship? I have trouble sleeping and I will have 2 cabin mates and I don't want to keep them up if I can't sleep.

penny3333 11-19-2008 01:12 PM

The deck is always open for a stroll. The only time food is not available is when they're changing from settings, but there is always room service.

kpmcgil 01-16-2009 04:46 PM

Hi. I have both good comments and bad.
I just returned from 10 days in the eastern Carribean on board the MSC Lirica. The ship is beautiful and incredibly clean. In fact when we stopped in Puerto Rica an inspector came on board and gave it 100% for cleanliness.
The bad news is the food was not good. We were expecting an Italian - european menu and were very disappointed. But, that was not all. A sinple steak in the dining room looked like the sole of my shoe and tasted worse. This was our first cruise. Our friends who go on cruises, and rave about them, had given us high expectations. But, they had traveled on Holland America and Celebrity not on MSC ships. Many other passengers could be heard complaining about the food. Even the staff was frustrated with the quality of food. They said they can't wait to go ashore and get a decent meal.
I think that MSC Crociere has a lot of work to do in regards to their food. Even though the ship was clean I will never go on one of their ships again.

penny3333 01-22-2009 05:19 AM

Sorry to hear that kpmcgil, maybe try Costa or another main stream line for your next cruise. I'd like to try MSC just to see if it's as much fun as Costa. Did they have anything like the tour of the nations night or a toga night? Were the crew/staff friendly? How was the cabin? How was the value for the price paid? Could you have done better going via air and getting hotel rooms? I hope you'll give cruising another chance because it is a fantastic way to enjoy a vacation. Best wishes.

countrymoon 01-22-2009 05:57 AM

I was on the Lirica in December. The food left a lot to be desired. Your right, the ship is beautiful and very, very clean. There were no Toga parties or Tour of Nations. The pool area was closed down very early every night. Nothing went on at the pool area at night. Only in the afternoons they had games. Never got Room Service to answer the phone. But the room attendants were wonderful. I will cruise again, but not with MSC

richard101 02-15-2009 08:23 AM

i have hear the food is not good but we will see april 13 /09 . what i would like to know is what they charge for a pop card ? and do they let you bring your own pop like ncl

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