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livetotravel 05-22-2009 04:51 PM

I have a grandchild who will be 3 october 14. We are on the september 6 cruise. I asked Disney cruise line if maybe she could go into the other club instead of flounders reef and he said all we had to do is to ask when we get onboard and they will probably try her out if she was potty trained. Has anyone been through this and what happened to you? Has anyone also left their 2 year old in flounders reef and what do they do with them.

penny3333 05-26-2009 10:17 AM

Since she is so close to being 3, they will probably let her go into that group, if she's potty trained. I have not personally used the Flounder's Reef, but have heard nothing but positives about Disney's children's programs. She will probably be in so much awe, that any program would be fun for her. Hope you have a fantastic experience, I know your granddaughter will.

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