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caribbill 02-28-2007 01:08 AM

It's been many months since my last post. I noticed that there have been no other posts or comments about Le Mer. I personally don't think it will ever sail. The Windjammer fleet is shrinking. They no longer have the Flying Cloud or the Amazing Grace. I sailed on the Grace in Tahiti. It was a great trip. I would like to get some value out of my SeaCabin, but I just keep making payments. If anyone has any credible information on Le Mer plaese let me know.

eandjracquet 07-25-2007 12:39 PM

I am also curious about what is happening to Windjammer. I very much wanted to sail the Amazing Grace and the Flying Cloud but there other ships don't appeal to me as much. It also seems there are not many reviews on this line-the latest seem to be 2006 and they are not very encouraging. Does anyone have thoughts on this?

caribbill 08-03-2007 03:20 AM

The Flying Cloud and the Amazing Grace have been gone from the fleet for a couple of years. However, the other ships are still fun to sail on. I have been on all of them. If you like intimacy and uncrowded ships, Windjammer is perfect. The islands that they visit are smaller and less hectic. I would recommend any of the ships for fun. The food is adequate, but elegant. There are no 'days at sea' and for the Captain's Dinner you just have to put on a clean t-shirt.

Sheerwater 10-02-2007 08:03 AM

I booked a back to back trip Nov 3-24 on Aug 3. My agent requested a quote for airfare from their air dept., Fare Share. When I didn't hear from Fare Share, (Agent John told me the folks at Fare Share were on vacation). I waited. I called back and John suggested that I look for my own airline tickets via, and to be helpful he gave the name of another independent travel agent.

After finding flights thru, I called John to confirm that the flights via worked with my cruise, he said they would and to go ahead and book them. I did. I told him that Fare Share had never contacted me, or returned me phone calls and he apologized saying that that wasn’t like them.

Suddenly Fare Share debits my account for $1,758 for air fare. I called; they apologized for the mix up and said they would credit to my account in 4-6 weeks. Guess what. That never happened. The Katie (Accounting) wouldn't return my phone calls; the CEO hasn’t returned my phone calls. I highly doubt if they purchased the trip cancellation insurance that I had bought.

Windjammer’s web site has disappeared. They are canceling cruises. I asked them 3 weeks ago if they were having financial difficulty - No, they said. Growing more alarmed by their silence I called to see if they were going into bankruptcy – they denied that too. I sent a letter requesting a case number should they file bankruptcy.

I have(2)airfares for two back-to-back cruises on a ships that probably won't be sailing. So John, Katie, Shannon, and Mercy...Thanks a million! Does enabling mean anything to you?

Maybe you can explain to my Husband where the $5,875 spent to celebrate his 5oth Birthday went.

Sandy 10-02-2007 10:53 AM

Hi Sheerwater, and welcome to Cruise Chat.

Did you give Fare Share a credit card to pay for your flights. If so, call the credit card company immediately to dispute the charges. Tell them what happened and they'll open a case to look into it. I think you have 60 days from the time the charge appears on your statement.


Frase 10-02-2007 08:13 PM

Did you read the article about Winderjammer on the other cruise website?

If not here is a link to that article:
Windjammer article on Cruise-Critic

billybuzzy 10-11-2007 03:47 PM

As of today,10/10/07 Windjammer is promising to start sailing again but no date has been given. The website seems to be at least partially on line. As a sidenote, at least one travel insurance company has announced that it will no longer be offering travel coverage on Windjammer voyages!


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