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toptrips 02-07-2007 08:24 PM

We will be cruising on Amadagio next month. Any feedback? I was wondering about the cuisine, level of enjoyment, even the cabin bathrooms! Please let me know about your experiences. Tx.

fneumeier 02-07-2007 11:52 PM


I haven´t cruised the Amadagio but visited the boat and spent an afternoon there. This is what I´ve written on another cruise board:

"The high and spacious lobby is featuring a Walter van Oel painting behind the open reception desk. To the right of the staircase you find the glass
enclosed elevator connecting the restaurant level and cabins on the Cello Deck with the lobby level and cabins on the Violin Deck. A gift shop is located left of the reception desk. The lobby also features a 24 hour coffee station. Forward of the lobby there the Main Lounge with huge panorama windows, a piano and dance floor and a bar. At the bow you also find a couple of outside tables and chairs (smoking is allowed there). Facing the stern you reach the cabins on the Violin Deck going up a couple of stairs (the forward area and the cabin area are split level). At the end of the stairs there´s a small sitting area to the left and two book cases with books, jigsaw puzzles and board games. The first two cabins on both sides of the Violin Deck are the Junior Suites. The Junior Suites are very spacy featuring a floor to ceiling mirror which can be folded out, built in closets, a bathroom with a glass enclosed shower and a tub, a comfortable sitting area, a writing desk which also holds the flat screen TV and entertainment system. All other cabins are identical featuring built in closets, a small writing desk and chair with the flat screen TV and entertainment system, a bathroom with glass enlosed shower. Cabins on the Violin and Cello Deck feature French balconies with room high doors which can be opened (you can´t step outside). Cabins on the Piano Deck do have large viewing windows which can´t be opened (you´re shortly above the waterline). At the stern of the Violin Deck there´s the cosy
Adagio Lounge which is also the place for those wanting to connect via WiFi to the internet. The lounge does feature a full service bar. In front of the lounge there´s the fitness center to the left including a sauna and the beauty salon to the right. A massage is available in cabin 332. From the lobby one level down you reach the cabins on the Cello Deck. There´s also a public restroom at the end of the staircase to the left. Another level down there´s the restaurant. All meals are one open seating. Breakfast and lunch are buffet style. Dinner is 4 courses (appetizer, soup, entrée, dessert). A cheese tray and fruits are available. The restaurant is devided in "sections" with about 3 to 4 tables in each section. The half room high milk glass panels dividing the entire room into sections makes it a bit more cosy. At the restaurant entrance there´s a nicely decorated table displaying the wines of the night and the menue.

We were able to join our friend for dinner. Choice of the night was

Thinly Sliced Lamb Loin on Kenya Bean Salad
Fresh Pear Cocktail drizzled with "Williams Christ"
Crispy Winter Lettuce presented with Blue Cheese Dressing

Consommé of Cherry Tomatoes with Pistachio Dumplings
Chilled Banana Soup

Broiled Fillet of Tilapia with Wasabi-Hollandaise Sauce, Sautéed Vegetables and Sepia Noodles
Whole Roasted Rib Eye with Glazed Balsamic Shallots, Red Wine Jus, Green Beans and Stuffed Potatoe
Farfalle Pasta with Creamy Sauce, Sun Dried Tomato and Fresh Parmesan Cheese

Egg Nogg Souffé with Chocolate Sauce
Ice Cup "Amadagio"

Fresh Fruits and Selection of International Cheese

Pinot Grigio, Hungary, 2004 (white)
Der Trockene, Germany, 2005 (red)

Standing Order
Ceasar Salad, Cole Slaw, French Fries, Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Scandinavian Salmon Steak

The menue is featuring a chef´s recommendation. I opted for the Thinly Sliced Lamb Loin, the Farfalle Pasta and the Egg Nogg Soufflé (I´m no soup person). All food was nicely decorated and good. Servings weren´t large but absolutely perfect for a several course dinner. It was no problem to get another appetizer instead of the soup or a second entrée. No reason to starve! We also saw cookies and sandwiches in the afternoon (and DD hooked on the cookies).

I was higly impressed by the unique entertainment and infotainment system of the Amadagio. The flat screen TV is not only featuring numerous English speaking TV channels (plus a couple of German ones, all depending on the sattelite connection). You can also choose out of a huge selection of music. For an extra fee you can also order movies at the reception desk (movies on demand) which are played whenever you want. A bow camera is also part of this entertainment system. For those who didn´t bring their own laptop computer with WiFi card (WiFi available in the Adagio lounge, extra fees) a small (not full size) keyboard is attached to the TV for internet access from your cabin (extra fee).

It was a very interesting visit and we were highly impressed by the Amadagio. In 2007 the Symphony will be replaced by the Amalegro which is a twin of the Amadagio but decorations will vary of course."

Entertainment can´t be compared to ocean going cruise ships. No big shows, no casinos, more like a piano player, crew show, entertainer from ashore.

Bathrooms on the Amadagio are great! Glass enclosed showers with a "waterfall" shower option.

I compiled a fact sheet for the Amadagio for our website. Unfortunately we haven´t had the time to update the site. But Amadeus Waterways will be added next with photos of the Amadagio.

I may also suggest to check this board


NancyN 02-11-2007 09:13 AM

Thank you for the detailed report on the Amadagio! I will also be fortunate enough to be spending 7 nights on her in March and found your information quite helpful.


fneumeier 02-25-2007 06:43 AM

Hi Nancy and toptrips,

DH has just added the Amadagio (and Amalegro) to our website. There are lots of photos too. Check


Texas sailor 03-01-2007 04:47 PM

I, also will be on the Amadiago next month (March18) to be exact. Will you be on this trip? We are certainly looking forward to this trip for it will be our first barge trip.

Texas Sailor

NancyN 03-01-2007 05:31 PM

Hi Texas Sailor,
Yes, that is the cruise I will be on. My first river cruise also and looking forward to it. Have you been to Amsterdam before?

Thanks for sharing the excellent pictures. You have really whet my appetite - she looks like a beeautiful vessel and I am counting the hours!


Texas sailor 03-02-2007 06:39 AM

Hi Nancy,

Think I know you, we have travelled together before. I believe we were in the Amsterdam airport at the same time not too long ago. When will you be arriving in Amsterdam? We are arriving on Cont. at about 12:00 on Sun.March 18.


NancyN 03-02-2007 09:54 AM

Hi Roxanne,
Yes, we have cruised together before and that was me in the AMS airport. I am planning to spend 1 night pre-cruise in Amsterdam (I really enjoy that city) AND coming from Cleveland in March it is NEVER wise to fly in the day of. A Texas friend (also my host agency) is flying in on a Continental flight from Houston Sunday morning.

See you onboard. What is your cabin #?


Texas sailor 03-02-2007 10:13 AM

Hi Nancy,

Thought so, and am glad that we will be able to see you again. Who is your friend that will be travelling from Houston? We are on Co.#46 departing Houston 7:05 p m. arriving in Amsterdam 3/18 around noon.

We are in cabin #218 Cello.


CR55 05-25-2007 03:50 PM

I am new to this board but we did our first river cruise last September on the Amadagio on the Legendary Danube cruise. We wanted a luxury cruise and the Amadagio just met our requirements. We did not regret our decission since the cruise, the meals, the crew, the whole experience was just faboulous. We have such pleasnt memories of this cruise that we are planning to do the Black Sea Discovery in 2008 and again on the Amadagio. We booked through which we also found on the internet and uet offered the best prices. I just got a quote from them for the Black Sea cruise, which again gives us a great early booking discount that we hardly can refuse not to go.

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