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wilsondesign 09-13-2009 10:58 AM

My Blog:


A co-worker wanted to know the details and price of our cruise...

Our Bahama Cruise information (video) if you're interested:
We took this trip last week (Sep 2009) and some people asked about the price, details and, "if it's a scam?".

Package Includes:

* 3nights cruise to Nassau Bahamas on the Bahama Celebration
* 4 nights in Orlando and/or Ft. Lauderdale Ramada Inn (welcome center)- Orlando (actually Kissamee is the nicer but the ship ports in Ft. Lauderdale
* AND 1week Budget car rental OR $100 for gas OR Universal Studios Hollywood tickets)
* All Meals included (at hotels and on cruise ship)

The Honest Costs:

* $398 per couple (we opted to upgrade that to a top deck window cabin)
* $258 Ship porting fees + taxes
* Upon arrival guests pay only Florida taxes on the hotel stay (~$15 p/night)
* 1 week car rental (~$65 if you claim 1 driver)
* Hotel buffets (~$2.50 p/person)
* Sit through your standard "low-pressure" time share presentation on one of the mornings on land (we really want to buy one eventually, but said "not now, thank you" and they presented very tempting foreclosure deals thereafter)
* On the cruise is where you can decide your Bahama Excursion: We chose the ATLANTIS AQUAVENTURE and tour. A waterside park merged with spectacular aquariums = By far the best part of our trip. There are watersides through shark tanks and into piranha aquarium surrounded caves. (awesome and worth the admittance price of $150ea)
* The beds on cruises are bunk-style so we put the mattresses together on the floor
* must book your reservations within a year of purchase
* we spread out the cost by purchasing in spring, buying our plane tickets in fall and traveling in late summer
* must love buffets (the cruise food was actually really good)
* must have the ability to have fun laughing at hokey decor, accommodations, salesmen and while waiting in porting lines

We purchased from Imperial Majesty:
Direct line to <agent contact and booking discount information removed per forum rules>

<Edits made consistent with Forum Rules. -LP>

LisaP 09-13-2009 12:12 PM

Welcome to cruise-chat, and thank you for your notes on your Imperial Majesty Bahamas cruise. Had you been on the line when they still operated Regal Empress? I'm curious as to any differences that might have taken place with the change in vessel.

billybuzzy 09-13-2009 12:26 PM

wilsondesign - Welcome Aboard to - this is the best place to be when you are stuck on the beach and 'tween cruises!! Thank You for your post on the Bahamas Celebration and a quick update on the cruise/vacation package.

I have noted recently that it is possible for myself to fly from Ct to Fort Lauderdale and take in a 3 night cruise on the Bahamas Celebration in Nov. for just slightly more than $500US traveling solo! (outside cabin,bunk beds,86sq ft.) Tempting for a weekend adventure!! (sigh!)

One need only scout out a low airfare and go to the new Celebration Cruiseline website and do it all with a click of your mouse! She looks like a fun ship - I for one, am game , and will probably give her a shot late next spring!!

Thank you for posting and....

Welcome Aboard!!


wilsondesign 09-13-2009 08:51 PM

nope, sorry, we were one of the 1st on the new ship and for the 1st time, Allen

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