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luvmytigs 04-18-2011 06:27 PM

Azamara changed the terms of our cruise!
After booking two cabins in January under the promotion that included Choice Air, Pre-paid gratuities and 1/2 price excursions, Azamara is not honoring this pricing on excursions stating that they changed the promotion after we booked. Apparently a 3/31/2011 deadline was imposed after we booked. We were not notified and Azamara is giving us the run around. Reviews of this cruise are outstanding but we had no idea that they could bait and switch the promotion. We budgeted for the $2300 savings on the 8 excursions that we are still trying to book at the original 1/2 price promotion.
Many passengers who check Cruise Critic regulary caught the change and were not impacted. We found out about the change on 4/6/2011 and Azamara is refusing to acknowledge that they made any mistake. Customer service is not deviating from a standard response and Edie Bornstein (VP Sales and Marketing) is "out" so the email address for her is not helpful.

We book trips based on reviews and itineraries-land tours and cruises. I have never had anything like this happen and we have traveled 2x per year since 2006.

Is there any recourse? All we want is what we were promised as stated in the promotions that were active when we booked 1/2011.

penny3333 04-19-2011 06:55 AM

F-mattox had a wonderful suggestion in another post. The big Travel magazines have ombudsmen that can act as intermediaries for disputes. You could try contacting one of them. No cruise line wants bad publicity. You will need to have documentation for the promotion and proof that the cruise line did not make any attempt to contact you. I hope this will be of some help.

LHT28 04-19-2011 09:26 AM

Is it the excursion packages they are not honoring or all the other perks?
If it is the excursions it is usually cheaper & better to do private tours

If before final payment talk with your pocket book ...choose another cruise line

Cruise Fanatic 04-19-2011 10:54 AM

It is inappropriate to threaten a company about contacting a major media source or an ombudsman, before you even give the company a chance to rectify the situation. You need to respectfully make your issue known to the proper channels. Dealing with reservation agents over issues such as this is not the proper channel. Verbally speaking with a Customer Representative isn't the proper channel in this matter. You need to contact them in writing, not verbally. Going straight to the top with the VP of sales is ok, but just because you got an "Out of office" reply doesn't mean she won't attend to your matter when she is back in office. You need to establish your paper trail, and allow appropriate time for response and resolution before running to an ombudsman or media.

penny3333 04-19-2011 11:31 AM

Sorry, Cruise Fanatic, I should not have mentioned that as a recourse. I misread the post and understood that luvmytigs had tried to contact the proper people at Azamara. It sounded to me like they had been trying and receiving a deaf ear. Luvmytigs, Cruise Fanatic is right, you need to try through Azamara and then make sure you have all your documentation in order before you proceed with an ombudsman. Sure wish you would have used a travel agent for booking, they would have known about the stipulations or been notified of them and could have acted in your behalf.

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