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Cruiser1234 01-04-2012 01:06 PM

I will be cruising in Sept this year and one of the ports of call is Cherbourg.
We only have 4 hours at port. Has anyone any ideas where we can go for that length of time?

Dave 01-04-2012 01:26 PM

Wow, just 4 hours. Which cruise is that?

Perhaps the Liberation Museum and some souvenir shopping?

billybuzzy 01-04-2012 07:00 PM

Mont St.Michel is too far away for a personal tour but if a cruiseline tour is available it would be safe bet , unfortunately, it would hurried and not worth the expense! The only practical options are an exploration of Cherbourg itself or the Normandy Beachead and Museum! A side trip into St.Malo and/or Carentan is also viable! No matter what...4 hours in Cherbourg is indeed cutting it a wee bit short!!


Cruiser1234 01-05-2012 04:08 AM

Thanks for your replies - I'll look up the museums mentioned.

billybuzzy 01-06-2012 07:35 AM

Cruiser1234...Another viable option...if You are interested in D-Day history...would be to do the Normandy BeachHead Museum...Tour the Crispin Pillbox and Gun Battery (sans guns) (Allies had a tough time knocking it out) and the village of St. Lo!! Defintely worth a trip back in time!!


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