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LilAngelJoy 02-17-2012 04:43 PM

Carnival Or Disney?!
Trying to decide!!! We have been on 2 Carnival Cruises and loved them! Hubby mentioned trying a disney cruise for next vacation. The price is almost double what we paid for the same day length and ports (Cozumel and Costa Mya with Carnival. We actually went to 4 ports instead of 3) The only real difference I can see between the two is disney offers the free pop and of course the characters. My son will be 9 and our lil one on the way would be 7months. My son loved camp carnival! It gave us alot of oppertunites to spend some time just us. They had a lot of adult activites and family which was great. My hubby is worried that with disney there wont be a lot of adult activites. He loved the 11pm adult comedy shows! Before spending double the money I would just like some opinions on which is better. I know disney has all the "disney" stuff with the characters but for just that aspect is it really worth the extra money? My hubby is frugile so his opinion is hes not paying double to see some creepy guy in a mickey mouse suit lol. Any ideas that can help us here?! We are looking to cruise sept - oct 2013! Thanks!! :)

Cruise Fanatic 02-17-2012 06:29 PM

You will have plenty of adult activities to do on Disney. My husband and I don't have children and have been on Disney three times. The production shows are Disney themed but they are very entertaining and have adult humor. There is a separate adult pool on the ship. There is no casino on Disney. They have used that space for a huge activity center for the children. The children will be so busy with the Disney children's programs. The dining rotates every night between three venues. They also have a movie theatre which shows recently released Disney movies. There are designated times the characters come out, but they are not overwhelming the ship during other times.

f-mattox 02-17-2012 08:56 PM

We did a Disney Cruise with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson and had a wonderful time. Our grandson was four and familiar with all the Disney characters; and as Cruise Fanatic said, there are plenty of adult areas so you should all have a good time.

Having said that, unless you and your son are huge Disney fans, and since you have all had good experiences already with Carnival, I can't see paying so much more for basically the same cruise. And judging from what you say, it sounds like your hubby already has a negative impression of the Disney experience. So my suggestion would be to stick with what you all know and like.

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