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Lorri j 09-28-2012 10:50 AM

Costa Neo-Romantica
Has anyone been on the ship since it has been renovated ? Ive booked a 21nt cruise from Singapore - Mauritius BEFORE reading cruise reviews !! The reviews that are posted for this ship are dreadful , one woman "Kathleen" said "Dire" and shes done many cruises. Anyone got any tips ? Is there nice food ? How are the drinks priced ? Are there dance /fitness classes ? and is the internet fast and reasonably priced ? Many thanks to all those who can give me some tips.

Mrs.T 10-03-2012 08:52 AM

Okay, first - ignore the review completely. This was a review of Romantica not NeoRomantica - TOTAL refurb!
The NeoR is absolutely beautiful. We have just cruised on another Costa ship - and it simply could not remotely match the standards on NeoRomantica.
Rest assured the food and service is in a class of its own.
The Samsara Spa does have a fitness area, it is however smaller than on big line ships, but beautifully kitted out. I am unsure about dance classes etc.
Wi-fi was fine - I cant remember costs - there was a package you could take.
If you have not already done so, then without a doubt the all inclusive drinks package is without a doubt the bargain of the cruise industry. It is awesome - whether for alcoholic or non alco - bargain!!
Beautiful ship, every cabin from the lowest inside, to the highest grade suite has bathrobes, slippers and espresso machine (capsules 1 euro)
We came home from our other Costa cruise, and cancelled another to change it to return to NeoR -
NeoR does not offer free kids and teens places (as do all the other ships)
The food is far superior -
Any other questions let me know - but relax - 21 days - ooh you are in for a treat!!!

Lorri j 11-25-2012 10:52 AM

The newly refurbished Costa Neo-Romantica
Mrs T , thankyou so much for your reply and helpful hints. My husband has a few different questions if you dont mind responding to ?
On this new refurbished ship is there now a diy laundry room where you put in a euro or so to use a machine?
Is there a library and does it have a good selection of English books ?
Would you say there is now a lot of English spoken , we speak Spanish also , but not Italian !!!
The internet/wifi package , do you wait until you are on-board to arrange and pay this ?
Re your fab comments on the drinks package , we drink spirits , are the drinks real brand names and how good costwise was this package ? We use the euro so for us this is good ! If you take this drinks package , as a couple , do you have to pay for it everyday ? and each person would have to have it ? ( I know I like a drink but everyday for 21nights !!!! )
Ive only done 1 smaller cruise ship before and when we stopped we purchased a bottle of spirits and brought it to our room , is this permitted or is your baggage searched/scanned ?
Is there a cinema or place to watch films and were there a good choice in English ?
Finally , the dress code in the evenings , is it just casual for a man , trousers and shirt , for attending the buffet and for the main restaurant is a tie or jacket compulsory ?
I hope you dont mind all these questions , it ihas been so kind of you already to reply. Thanks and sunny regards from The Costa del Sol .

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