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Morphy 09-20-2009 07:20 AM

Hi there, thanks for great advice.
We will be going on our first ever cruise soon, to celebrate my twins' 5th birthday (Disney West Caribean) Does anyone know what they do for birthdays on the ship? I did mention it when booking the cruise. Do I have to order a cake extra, or is it included when booking for a birthday?
Also: When do you know your dining rotation schedule? Can you know this in advance, or only when boarding? We would like to make reservations for Palo, but don't want to do it on the "formal dining" night.

Cruise Fanatic 09-20-2009 10:28 AM

Hi Morphy,

They will bring a cake to the table and the waiters will gather around and sing Happy Birthday. You will find out your dining rotation when you check-in for the cruise. It will be on your boarding pass. The rotation will be designated by the first initial of the dining room. It looks like your going on the Disney Magic. The dining rooms are Lumiere's, Animators Palate, and Parrot Cay. So it may look like this on your boarding pass LAPLAPL. That would mean first night in Lumiere's, second in Animator's, third night in Parrot Cay, etc. Palo's is reservation only and made once you are onboard. It is $15 per person to cover the gratuity. Formal nights on a seven day cruise most likely will be 2nd night and 6th night.

Morphy 09-20-2009 12:08 PM

Thanks so much, we can't wait!

penny3333 09-25-2009 07:00 AM

Hi Morphy, welcome to Cruise-Chat. When in December? We're sailing on the Solstice for mine. We sail on the 13th, mine is on the 16th. My hubby has forgotten it the last 3 years, he won't be able to forget it this year

Morphy 09-26-2009 07:05 AM

Hi There
Sounds like fun! We will be on the Disney cruise in November, kids are so looking forward to it!

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