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jack2007 03-08-2009 03:07 PM

Seems like several of the passengers on the Costa Europa were upset because they missed a few ports due to the ship having engine trouble.It seems they were unhappy with compensation offered by Costa and had a verbal confrontation with the captain.

If what I have read in newspaper reports & on the internet is correct then I think that the actions of the passengers having a go at the captain were wrong.

If the passengers also had problems with poor organisation & poor service then surely the way to protest is by removing some or all of the gratuities and writing a strong letter of complaint to the hotel manager or head office isn't it ?

Dave 03-08-2009 03:29 PM

It certainly is not acceptable to confront the ship's Master in such a fashion. I also don't think it is fair to remove gratuities from workers who had nothing to do with the ship's problems. That is like yelling at the flight attendant because the airplane was late arriving.

jack2007 03-08-2009 05:27 PM

It is of course not fair to remove gratuities from workers because of a ships problems or poor organisation, thats when you can make a complaint in writing if you feel strongly about it.
However I think that if you, the paying passenger, receives bad sevice ( and not just a one off incident or a worker being impolite a couple of times )then the way to express your unhappiness is to remove the gratuities and just tip any worker who did their job properly separately. That is just my opinion and anyway this post is not about tipping so forgive me clouding the issue.

To get back to the main point of my post it seems like the main people who started the confrontation may have been British.
Sometimes things don't always go to plan, engines fail problems occur so you don't get to see the ports you wanted to see.....but you know are on a lovely cruise ship with free food, free entertainment,chance to relax & enjoy sea viewsso make the best of it.
They had no right to confront the captain.
Here's one Brit who would never start or join in a mutiny.....I completely agree with Dave on this. The captain has the experience and he makes the decisions.

penny3333 03-09-2009 08:28 AM

My heart goes out to the crew. A ship can have engine problems or any type of problems. In the passenger contract it states that they can change the itinerary if necessary. The passenger's actions were truly reprehensible. I'm sorry to not side with the passengers, but stuff hapens. On our Royal cruise, we missed 2 of our ports due to weather. We still had a marvelous cruise and absolutely no compensation was offered. Oh, I'm sure there were those on board whose vacations were just ruined because we didn't get to go to all of our ports of call, but who cares. It was still a fantastic cruise. I didn't hear of anyone calling for a mutiny, thank heavens.

We've had 4 cruises on Costa and had a ball on each of them. They just don't do the states that much and they're really loaded with children. Not that it's bad with a lot of children on board, it's just a different type of cruise when there are little people running all over. It's not the kids fault or the cruise lines fault, it's the parents. Having engine troubles is no one's fault, it just plain happens.

jmcs 03-09-2009 09:47 AM

Those people really behaved like primitive savages. And to cheat the staff who worked so hard for them is mis-directed spite.

I do, however, sympathize with some peoples' disappointment over missed ports. For those fortunate enought to be frequent cruisers it does not matter too much because sea days are also enjoyable and they can visit that port another time.

There are many people though, for whom the cruise was the fulfilment of a life's dream. They many have have longed to visit a particular port for years. To someone who can not cruise every year it is a slap in the face to give them a credit to another cruise in compensation. They will never get to use it.

So please don't make light of other peoples' disappointment. Well, only if they decide to take it out in the form of a mutiny.

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