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Christy Captions 07-01-2006 05:32 AM

My family and I are leaving on a 7-day Carribean cruise in a couple of weeks (Carnival Conquest/Galveston) and I have planned out shore excursions at two of the islands we will be visiting...but I am not real sure what to plan for Cozumel. Instead of booking shore excursions through the cruise line (which are EXTREMELY expensive) I have been researching and doing my homework and have managed to find local excursion companies that offer less-crowded excursions at a fraction of the cost. But, in Cozumel, with all the destruction of Hurricane Wilma and having to be tendered to shore instead of docking at the port, many excursions are cut short.

The places I have been looking at in Cozumel to choose from are Playamia, Chankanaab, or Paradise Beach. We are going to cab it to one of the places to spend the day in the sun swimming. snorkling and anything else we can crunch in during our time there. Our children are 8 and 5 so I am looking for something fun that will accomodate to that age group.

Has anyone ever been to any of these three places in Cozumel and recommend one over another? If you have and have any input....I would LOVE to hear from you!



Charley 07-01-2006 06:12 AM

We went to paradise beach last year and it was so nice. For $8 all day you could use their kayaks, trampoline, they had a big mountain you could climb and slide down the other side, and they had floats you could use. There was great snorkeling here. They had lounge chairs you could use free of charge and they did not bother you about buying something to drink or eat. I would definetly recommend this beach to anyone.

One thing though I am not sure how the beach is now because of the hurricane last year.

Hope this helped.
I would not recommend renting a car and driving around the island because there is nothing to see and it's a waste of your day. The shopping at the pier is just a nice as going into town if not better. I really didn't care for the town myself.

peachcrek 07-01-2006 06:44 AM

we have been to cozumel 4 times and prefer playa mia they have different admissions to accomadate great beach and pool available small little zoo area water toys free snorkling equipment with admission........ I have beento chankanaab felt it was crownded and dirty and the water area was very small good luck happy cruzn Fran

billybuzzy 07-01-2006 06:47 AM

I was in Cozumel in early Dec 2005 and the devastation was considerable, I felt that it should not have been included on the ships itinerary. Tourist photos indicate that a great deal of reconstruction has taken place and I am sure that Cozumel is on the recovery road. However I would opt for a beach day rather than sightsee at the present time-I feel they need at least another year!

yourcontact 07-03-2006 08:05 AM

Cozumel is in excellent shape, you can find lots on this Cozumel news and information site.

Paradise Beach has been looking good since before Christmas - you can see information about it and other beaches onthe same website here: Cozumel beaches

You could also check out for excursion ideas...

Hope that helps!


07-03-2006 11:45 AM

Hi, Christy! I've worked for Carnival for 3 years and 3 ships that I worked on went to Cozumel, so you can say I am very experienced there. This, in my off time, is what we did. We, meaning me and fellow crew members, would do just a little window shopping just off the pier. Please remember that there a few other piers that other ships dock, so where I'm about to explain, it might be different to where you might dock. You probably won't be the only ship in that day. Anyway, after a little window shopping we would make our way to the taxis. Once we are all in the cab, we tell the driver 'La Choza, por favor!' La Choza, pronounced Cho'-za, is a fantastic restaurant located downtown. Cab ride- about $8 (incl. everyone. Might be different for tourists, however). Your cab will take you through downtown Cozumel where you will view loads of shopping, and not too expensive either. Many jewelry shops. You will also notice a lot of the rebuilding process going on due to the results of the hurricane. Many of the places are going up really fast, i.e. Fat Tuesdays, a restaurant located right off the pier. It was literally wiped off the map and in just a matter of 2 months, it was rebuilt even better than it was before. Remember, the people of Cozumel rely greatly on tourism for their income. More about Fat Tuesdays Later. Once you reach La Choza, get ready for some great Mexican food. I won't get deep into it, but the guacamole and chips are excellent, along with the fajitas. After eats and a Dos Equis or 2 (Mexican beer; perhaps you'll enjoy the margaritas) it's off to the mini golf course. It's within walking distance. Just ask for directions. Most people speak English for your convienience. Once arriving there, you'll be given walkie-talkies where you'll be able to order drinks from the 'clubhouse' and some nice Mexican waiter will deliver to you at any hole. Also, make sure you have a camera with you because you will be within arms length of some iguanas that like to cross your path while you are trying to putt. Don't worry, they won't harm you. They are pretty big, though. Once we were finished mini golf, we would head right on over to Fat Tuesdays, because we usually only had another hour or 2 before reboarding. The food is ok for the price. The view is outstanding because it's right on the water. If it's a beach you want to go to instead of mini golf, then head over to Paradise Island beach. Again, the cabbie will know where to take you and it's not so expensive. It's a pleasant family beach with food and beverage available. I think your children will enjoy themselves at any of these locations I have described, though Fat Tuesdays is loaded with partyers. There are lots more places to go, but this is where we went most of the time. You might here others talk about 'Senor Frogs' or 'Carlos and Charlies', but not really suitable for children. Over 21, you know what I mean? So, I hope I've made this helpful and informative. I hope you have a great time! We sure did!! P.s. Always wear your sunblock! That Mexican sun is hot!

jenifferharvey 07-04-2006 04:48 PM

i just went to Cozumel and my husband and i went clear kayaking and snorkeling. it was the first time for both of us and we had a blast.
hope you have a great time on your cruise.


Chase 07-05-2006 05:45 AM

My hubby and I went through shore We booked a two man speed boat tour to a private island. There were aprox 30 people on the tour and we were all guided from the beach to a 45 min self driven speed ride to a private island. It was a blast! Once on the island were were treated to lunch and volleyball. You could also snorkel swim or just relax on the nice quiet beach. Shore trips also had many other excursions like dune buggies, jeep tours and kayaking to name a few.

Christy Captions 07-05-2006 06:33 AM

WOW!!! Such a terrific area for info and such a helpful bunch of people. Thanks for all the responses so far....I am soaking in all information I am receiving! Keep the ideas, thought and whatnots coming my way!! We leave in 12 more days! I will be preparing up until we set sail.



Rodney 07-05-2006 09:34 AM

We just took a taxi to Paradise Beach and had a very enjoyable time just relaxing, swimming and eating that great food! Go to to see what it offers. We will definately go again! Have fun!

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