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Bub 11-28-2007 03:16 PM

We are looking for reviews of Freeport.Does anybody have any great places to visit or know of those to avoid? We are open to all suggestions. Thanks

Dave 11-28-2007 03:20 PM

Frankly I'd say the best thing to do in Freeport is stay on the ship, but that is my opinion. However it is one that is shared by many of our members. Look here for our Freeport information. At the bottom of that page are some reviews.

Bub 11-28-2007 04:14 PM

Thanks Dave,I was kind of expecting a negative review but some one MUST have found something interesting to do or visit. Please respond with either positive or negative comments and then we can (at least) make an informed decision. Thanks again Dave.

drlivingston 12-03-2007 07:59 AM

Bub, as usual, Dave is right on target with this one. I am just a pessimist about a handful of ports and Freeport ranks in my top five of my "Fear of Safety" ports. I have not developed my opinions based on other's reports. I have personally been there many times and I have been very chagrined at the decline of safety and the rise of lawlessness and corruption that runs rampant in the port city. Feel free to make your own opinions and prove me wrong. Nothing would please me more than to see this breathtakingly beautiful city revert back to the pleasant port that I know that it can be.

Dwayne 12-04-2007 12:17 AM

Have not been there for several years. If the cruise is for Freeport and Nassau, we enjoy the ship that day. The port has such a great history. It is sad to see this decline from what was an awesome port.


Bub 12-12-2007 04:30 PM

Thanks everyone,can you fill me in on the extent of lawlessness and what we should be aware of to keep safe.

Dwayne 12-12-2007 05:10 PM

Hi Bub, I found some general precautions on the US Department of State web site. They were not specifically for Freeport though.

Here is a link.


Bub 12-15-2007 07:38 AM

Thanks Dwayne for the info and also to everyone who have offered advice.

MemaSue 12-15-2007 06:26 PM

We had a ball in Freeport, we took a cab to the Sheraton in Port Lucaya and did excursions on the beach there. Then walked across street to Straw Market and shopping. A very nice day for all 10 of us.

Dwayne 12-16-2007 01:07 AM

It's not all bad as MemaSue noted. It is just not a preferred port. It is nice to go to Port Lucaya and see it. After you have seen it, and have been to other ports you will understand some of the sentiment here.


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