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I love cruising! 12-18-2007 08:52 AM

Any comments on what the best thing to do in Ocho Rios would be? We are pretty much willing and able to do any tour - we have not been there before. Dunns River sounds good, but what else?

penny3333 12-18-2007 11:29 AM

The falls is a definite must, there is also the Fern Grotto (I think that's what they called it) which was pretty. The snorkeling isn't that great there, it's ok. We did a catamaran sail/snorkel the last time we were there. Whatever you decide, stay with an organized tour and don't stray off by yourself. Jamaica is a beautiful island, but a very poor island. Best wishes and Happy Holidays.

f-mattox 12-18-2007 12:14 PM

Thank you, Penny; we are going to be there in April, and you just saved me having to ask the question. Warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas to you, also.

Ry64 12-18-2007 05:34 PM

Dunns River Falls is very fun. I've done it twice and both times it was great. Shaw Park gardens is a very nice scenic place to visit as well. The Fern Gulley is nice to look at too. We just did these 3 things as part of a tour in Ocho Rios last week and it was great. Hope this helps.


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