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Mac0415 04-28-2008 02:46 PM

Any suggestions on which is best? I do like the idea of an open bar;! But overall just looking for a great day at a beach.


MACLEODC 04-29-2008 08:12 AM
We are going in May to Cozumel & I found the above website for Paradise Beach. It looks really fun & this is were we are going to spend the day. Don't know anything about Playa Mia beach so I can't comment on it. Do you know if it has a website?

MACLEODC 04-29-2008 08:16 AM
Just looked & the above is the website for Playa Mia Beach. It also looks fun. Now I can't make up my mind either. It is nice to have options. Any one been to either of these places that can comment on?

Dave 04-29-2008 08:44 AM

We've gone to Playa Mia many times. It used to be called Playa Sol. They have really built it up with shops and stuff. It is almost like a little village now. Very clean restrooms and a nice beach. I posted the prices in this thread .

penny3333 04-29-2008 09:43 AM

We went to Paradise Beach in January. It was really nice and not too expensive. The service was like being on board, they never let your drink get empty. They didn't have a whole lot of shops, so it doesn't sound like it's a built up as Playa Mia. Chankanaab Park is nice as well, just to throw in another option to make it more confusing

Mac0415 05-01-2008 02:03 PM

Was there a set fee for the "open bar?"

Dave 05-01-2008 02:41 PM

Paradise Beach doesn't have packages that include open bar. My personal experience is that "open bar" packages are not worth it. If they were, then they wouldn't be offered.

Rodney 05-07-2008 07:52 AM

Just got back from Cozumel - on May 1st, wife and I spent the day at Paradise Beach for our second visit there in 2 years. Excellent beach for relaxing our playing in the water. Food is excellent and wait staff is right on the spot for your needs. We ate on the beach and food was served hot and fresh. I got the $10 wristband for all the "toys" and it was worth it for me. Not very crowded as only 2 ships in port, so we got water front beach chairs and umbrellas. I don't see how anyone could not love this beach.


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