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Barb 06-13-2003 12:49 PM

We have a couple of questions before we leave on our cruise on the 28th of June. How much does it cost to snorkel on Cocoa Cay? We've heard different amounts. Do you recommend bringing your own snorkeling equipment? If you bring your own equipment, is there a charge? Can two people share equipment if its rented from the island? There are five of us and the cost gets steep at $24 a piece.

Do they care if you bring soft drinks and bottled water on board? If you bring them, how do you get them to your room--pack the colas in your luggage?

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GN210 06-14-2003 08:31 AM

I just booked this yesterday for my daughter & her friend. I believe it is $26 each. You can get on the Royal Caribbean website, click on shore excursions and follow the menu for an exact price.

We have never taken beverages on with us from shore, but have purchased them in port and returned them to the ship.

DanaVa 06-18-2003 04:59 PM

I would not take my own gear, too much to lug off and back on the ship. Two sets shared will be fine I am guessing, I saw some families doing that both times I was there. I think it is like $26 or something, I can't remember, but you can book online easily and your "tickets" will be delivered to your stateroom Sunday night (you will find them after dinner).

Caution, too, it is a little rocky in the shallow water of CoCo Cay, so if you can, take and use sand shoes.

Have a grea time! The island is lovely. The "main beach" is great but walk all around and you will find more beaches and nice shaded areas to lougnge about at.


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