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Cortney 01-11-2008 05:53 PM

I could have sworn I saw something posted on this recently, but when I searched I couldn't find it...

I was hoping to hear how this excursion was, and whether it was worth it. I read in Fodor's Caribbean 2008 that the cruise passengers only go on half the trip, so that really makes it sound a little overpriced ($100/person) although I guess I shouldn't be surprised - after all, it is a cruise ship shore excursion.

Also, when I went to, it noted that part of the journey is via tour bus, which I wasn't thrilled to hear - I've had about enough of crazy Caribbean drivers and the mountainous roads. I was curious if the bus part was part that the cruise passengers were on, or if that came later in the tour, after the cruise passengers had already broken off.

Thanks in advance!

Nadine 01-11-2008 06:15 PM

We went on the St. Kitts Railway and enjoyed it very much. The bus trip was your transportation to and from the railway station. It was very informative and not a hassle at all. The train ride was great! So many of the island people would wave to us and that was fun. It was a great way to see St. Kitts and very relaxing.

We would highly recommend the excursion. We booked it on the ship.


Cortney 01-13-2008 09:47 AM

Great! We signed up last night online. I'm so excited!

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