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MKCruise10 02-20-2010 02:59 PM

I am going to be in Labadee and Ocho Rios. I am doing water excursions. Beach in Labadee and falls and tubing in Ocho Rios, but we also want to walk around, explore, and do some dry activities. Is there a recommended attire for this or do most people bring clothes to change? If so are there places to keep stuff during the excursion? Or should I go back to the boat to change? We are docked but is there a long process to get on and off? Thanks so much.

Dave 02-20-2010 03:23 PM

Labadee is a private resort that pretty much is only beach. Most people wander around in their swimming attire with a t-shirt on. With the new pier there, ships can finally dock and so guests come and go to the ship all day. You can't leave the resort so there isn't a lot of exploring to do.

Changing facilities are generally not provided at either Labadee or Ocho Rios, other than ducking into a rest room if you can find one at Ocho Rios. At Labadee the ship is "right there" so you can return to it quickly.

Leaving the ship isn't tedious at ports with docks. Usually within 30 minutes of mooring they'll clear the ship and allow passengers to leave.

MKCruise10 02-20-2010 03:34 PM

So what would you recommend wearing at Ocho Rios when we are doing a water excursion in the morning and hope to walk around at the port when we get back?
Does actually getting on and off the ship take a long time? Like is there a check procedure or do you just get on?

Thanks so much for all the help. Packing for a first cruise is quite the task!

Dave 02-20-2010 03:46 PM

Getting on and off the ship is easy. Exiting you just insert your cruise card in the security station so they can log that you left the ship. Returning, you insert your card again so they can log your return, put your carry-on items in the x-ray machine, and walk through the metal detector. It only takes a couple minutes or less.

Dwayne 02-20-2010 10:15 PM


So what would you recommend wearing at Ocho Rios when we are doing a water excursion in the morning and hope to walk around at the port when we get back?
Swimwear, T-shirt, and water shoes are in order for the falls. They have bathrooms and changing facilities there. If that is the second leg of the excursion it could be an option. I'm not sure about the cave tubing facilities. I usually take an extra T-shirt (to try to keep dry) on these type of excursions if I'm going to be walking around the port later without going back to the ship.


Valeries220 03-08-2010 12:10 PM

I did the water sport also in the morning & just had my suit & a cover up. Afterwards we went back to the ship & changed. The shopping is close to the ship in Ocho Rios so it doesn't take long to change & go on your way. There is a cute shopping center to the right when you leave the ship.

ohio sports mom 03-08-2010 04:55 PM

We also did the falls and tubing in Ocho Rios. We had a tour guide with our excursion, who locked the van up, so we just left our t-shirts and shorts in the van. We wore our bathing suits, wrapped in towels I believe, tubed in our bathing suits and dried and just put our t-shirt and shorts back over our suits. It was really warm enough that our suits dried pretty quickly. We roamed around the shopping area on our way back to the ship. If you prefer to change, however, you should have plenty of time to go back to the ship and come back into town for a bit. I don't really remember if there were any changing facilities at either of the excursion locations. Have a GREAT first cruise!

penny3333 03-09-2010 07:22 AM

Hi MKCruise10, Dwayne had an excellent suggestion. Get some water shoes, you can wear shorts and a t-shirt over your bathing suit and bring your towel. Other than lugging your towel with you while exploring, that's really all you'll need. The water shoes dry quickly and are really the thing to wear in the falls.

Have a great cruise!

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