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jmize 03-08-2007 09:01 PM

Are there any car rental agencies in Calica Mexico?

richjester 03-09-2007 07:41 AM

Yes. I have used Executive (you can Google Executive Car Rental). Their office in Cancun can make a reservation. Very helpful to reserve in advance. Provided great service and a nice car.

There was another agency at the pier, but I don't remember which one it was. I have used Executive four times.

jmize 03-10-2007 06:42 AM


jmize 03-10-2007 06:46 AM


Executive Car Rental
Was it Ace? And does Executive have cars at the pier or provide transportation to the agency?

richjester 03-15-2007 12:17 PM

Executive is at the pier. We were gone in ten minutes in October when we were there.

I emailed them on contact page of their website. They responded and gave me a confirm number fairly quickly.

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