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cromsters 05-22-2006 06:40 PM

i was concerned about keeping in touch with my children and inlaws at home. i am leaving my four kids with grandma and pappy . i would like to be able to call and check on them. do cell phones work at sea or in the bahamas?

Cruise Specialist 05-23-2006 03:39 AM

Most cell phones work in the Bahamas, but I would advise you check with your service provider to see what the charge is. You are out of the US territory so the charge could be quite hefty. Last year in Grand Cayman I spoke less than 15 minutes to my daughter and the charge was over $ provider is Cingular. There are internet cafes and public pay phones which might be a less expensive way of going.

NancyN 05-23-2006 05:30 AM

I agree with Carol -even if your phone DOES work, (I have T-Mobile and although it is SUPPOSED to work - I have never had luck getting a signal) the cost is usually pretty high. You can purchase a $10 Bahama phone card that will provide a good number of minutes to stay in touch.

Charlotte 05-23-2006 08:08 PM

Re: Nassau on shore
Fodors states dial 1 plus the area code, using a pay phone and that it costs 25. It also suggests using a calling card. They made it sound very easy.

Frase 05-23-2006 09:15 PM

When I was on my cruise docked in Nassau, my cellphone was completly useless (except maybe for a paperweight). But that was two years ago, and since then, At&T Wireless became Cingular.

However, when I went into the Festival Bay Building (the building people go through to leave the dock (Prince George's Wharf) and enter Nassau) I discovered they sold phone cards in a window (which looked like those large windows in a drive through bank). These phone cards sold for $5,$10, and $20. They workded on the pay phones nearby that window. With that phone card I purchased for $5 and used on the nearby payphone, it costed me only 51 cents per minute to call home. That was sooooo much less than what they charged onboard the ship.

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