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seasickinDE 11-01-2006 12:12 PM

We are docking at Calica and planning on going into Playa Del Carmen for the day. Can anyone suggest bars/restaurants/sites to definitely hit while there? We don't want to sit on the beach all day? Thank you.

wise2u 11-04-2006 11:41 AM

5th ave is worth a few hours, its closed to traffic and has tons of shops, resturants, bars, and some alleys with artsy gallerys, and small cafe's.. anything you can think of made or plated with silver. some small hotels, drug stores, convience stores, ect. ect...playa even has a sam's club (not near 5th ave though)
the old rule of the further away from the touristy ferry pier area the cheaper the prices...the shops extend a couple of blocks to either side of 5th ave. everyone wants you to see thier stuff and bargaining is expected everywhere except the drug store and grocery store... some drugs dont require prescription and are listed on big boards..really wierd.
have fun there, when we got tired of the constant sales pitches we joking would reply "uh oh hot dog" like bobby lee from mad tv
they didnt know how to respond and we would walk away.

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