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Niles1091 05-25-2007 03:22 PM

Ive heard Nassau in the bahamas is an icky port. I also know that the Atlantis resort is there. Can anyone fill me in about Nassau and also if the atlantis resort alows cruisers who are not staying there to come and go to places like the casino or water park?

vafatboy 05-26-2007 05:04 AM

Nassau is getting better, but it still kind of sucks. Been there 4 times. We usually do a beach day excersion to atlantis. Use there beaches and tour the aquarium. Not sure about the water park. The casino was no problem, we left a little money there. We took a snorkeling cruise a could of years ago. After the snorkeling, the dropped us off at atlantis. There is a ferry back an fort for like 3.00, or if we stay past the ferry, a cab ran us 15.00.

Atlantis is the way to go. There is an are just outside the hotel that has a small type of straw market. All the same trinkets as the real stray market, but clean and no pressure. My wife had a great time.

If we can give you any more info write.

joarc 05-26-2007 05:14 AM

We wasted $80 taking a cab for a couple of hours to tour the town, but it made up for it when we went to visit Atlantis. We booked the dolphin swin at Blue Lagoon, and had time to burn so we walked around the hotel, and had lunch at one of the outside restaurants. If you're looking for an excursion, I strongly recommend the Blue Lagoon...but you have to book between 4 - 6 months in advance. I was lucky that they had a cancellation, and they were able to work us in just 3 weeks prior to our visit.

Have fun

PA Steve Rocky Mount 05-26-2007 07:42 AM

Been to Nassau 3 times. Atlantis is a must. They will indeed let you play in the casino and walk around the grounds. You can see about a quarter of the aquarium for free. To see all of it costs extra but it's worth it. Take a cab there. Do NOT takle the water taxi. It will drop you off a half mile away...and the walk is all uphill! A town tour is good...but NOT for $80!! You can get them for much less. We took one our first time and had a great guide...saw the worst of town...and saw Oprah's home! The water is not the best in Nassau so I'd avoid the sorkeling trips. Again, just my opinion. And I wouldn't exactly say it's a BAD place to visit. It's just not a great place. Can't compare with Cozumel. Have a great time!!

Larry in Miami 05-28-2007 09:47 AM

I agree, Nassau is getting better. All and all I still prefer it to Jamaica any day.

Andrealovescruising 05-30-2007 05:23 AM

Well said Larry. Bahamas over Jamaica, by a nose.

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