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06-26-2006 01:00 PM

can y'all tell me which one is better? I'm not sure which one to go to

penny3333 06-26-2006 01:14 PM

It depends on what you want to do. St. Thomas is better for shopping. St. John has one of the top ten beaches in the world (Trunk Bay). There is a self-guided snorkel tour from the beach. The beach is white sand, crystal clear warm blue water, with little to no surf. They have fresh water showers, lockers, a place to rent snorkel equipment, a snack bar and a couple of shops. It is a truly beautiful beach. St. John, itself, is a prettier island than St. Thomas. However, there are great snorkel tours to take from St. Thomas to Buck Island. So, it's up to you. We normally end up in St. John, but have had a great time in both islands. Best wishes!

ChucksOK 06-26-2006 01:30 PM

We need to talk to someone and have you named Ambassadress of the USVI.

My goodness, everytime I read one of your writeups/descriptions on St. John I get goosebumps and can't wait to get back there and this time, actually invest in a little pied-a-terre. Y'all know my humor by now but this is no joke!

Sandy 06-26-2006 01:43 PM

London, don't forget that St. Thomas and St. John are only about 25 minutes away from each other by water taxi. We've gotten off ships in St. Thomas, gone to St. John for snorkeling, and gone back to St. Thomas for walking around and shopping, all before we needed to be back on the ship.

St. John is a beautiful island. I think about 35% of it has been deemed a national park, so there is not a lot of building on a lot of the island.


ChucksOK 06-26-2006 01:50 PM

Click here for more, detailed info on St. John.

penny3333 06-26-2006 02:09 PM

Hi ChucksOK,
There are only a few islands I can rave about, St. John, Tortola, Grenada, Bon Aire, and Dominica. I enjoy them all, but...some just stand out. Dominica is undoubtedly the best snorkel I've done in the Caribbean, Champagne Beach. The first time we tried doing it on our own from the shore and were beat against the rocks by the surf. The next visit we did was on a catamaran. You snorkel over a volcanic vent and the ocean literally looks like a glass of champagne. Trunk Bay would be the second on my list, mainly because of the water. Of all the beaches I've been to, this has to be the most tranquil and beautiful of them all. The Grand Anse Beach in Grenada is really close, except for all the fleas. Only 4 more months to go!! Best wishes!

06-26-2006 04:36 PM

-i think St. Thomas is prettier, actually: thanks for the advice!=)

08-01-2006 11:29 AM

I think St. John is prettier, though my wife loves the shopping in St. Thomas. I think Penny's reccomondation for Trunk Bay is the best. Follow this link for some pics of our last cruise with a beautiful picture of Trunk Bay that I took...

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