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11-27-2005 05:57 PM

we are still new to this. this will be our second cruise and i was wanting to know if anyone has some good info for st. thomas. we would like to walk around and shop,as well go to the beach. but is it worth the $ to book on the ship or take our luck on our own. we like to shop and bargin but what to get the most out of our trip.thanks for you help.

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farmerjohn 11-27-2005 08:54 PM

No need to book a shopping trip on St. Thomas. There will be plenty of taxis at the port to take you into the main shopping area and also plenty of taxis to return you to the ship when you are done shopping.

As for a beach, I have heard good reports of the beach to the east of the Marriott hotel. I have never been there but was planning on trying it the next time we stop in St. Thomas. I understand the Marriott is a short taxi ride to the east of the port and that the public beach is to the east of the hotel. You are then suppose to be able to catch a taxi at the Marriott to return to the port. Hope this information is helpful.

Marian 11-28-2005 01:34 PM

I wouldn't take an excursion. There's an outdoor shopping mall within walking distance of the pier. Better shopping is an inexpensive taxi ride away.

One of the most beautiful places I've seen in my life is on top of the mountain in St. Thomas. You sit amid flowers and pretty greenery with a view that goes on forever. Small islands dot the ocean as far as you can see and on the other side, the cruise ships are docked below you. It's so beautiful! The day we went there we rented a car but I wouldn't really advise that. I'd just get a taxi.

When we went on our first cruise we booked a snorkle excursion to St. John and it was lovely, but from that time on, we've done things on our own and we've enjoyed it more. It's cheaper, tailored to you and there's no schedule.

eandjracquet 11-29-2005 03:18 PM

We took a taxi to Coki Beach. There are chaise lounge and umbrella rentals there as well as a beachfront "shack" that serves decent food and drink. It is right next to Coral World and the snorkeling at Coki is as good as anything you will see at Coral World and alot cheaper. You can do this on your own. I know St. John is suppose to be wonderful but one has to take a ferry and I had my 85 year old mother with me and the trip to St. John seemed to complex and difficult for her. And-I can't imagine the snorkeling being much better than Coki..

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