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gweb689 07-01-2007 02:52 PM


We are going on a RC cruise to the Southern Caribbean on the Adventure of the Seas ship. Does anyone have any suggestions on snorkeling tours for this cruise particularing the St. Thomas stop? Any other info on this cruise would be greatly appreciated!

penny3333 07-02-2007 09:42 AM

Hi gweb689, welcome to cruise-chat. If you had listed your ports of call, I might have been able to suggest some snorkeling spots, we love to snorkel. In St. Thomas we normally take the ferry to St. John and a cab to Trunk Bay. It is an awesome beach with a self-guided snorkel trail about 50 yards off-shore. Other than that, we take catamaran sail/snorkels through the ships. There are some nice beaches in St. Thomas, Coki beach, Magen's Bay and Sapphire Beach. Sapphire has a lot of small rocks to walk through to get into the water, but it's a nice beach if the wind isn't blowing too hard. Coki and Magen's are easier water access. If you'll let us know which ports you are visiting, we may be able to suggest some good snorkeling. Best wishes.

gweb689 07-02-2007 09:54 AM

Thanks Penny3333 for your St. Thomas suggestions. I had heard that Trunk Bay is very crowded when the cruise ships come in, have you experienced this? The other ports we are visiting are Bridgetown, Barbados; Castries, St. Lucia; St. Johns, Antigua; Phillipsburg, St. Maarten.
When I was looking at booking excursions directly, it seemed like the price was not much different. So I was leaning toward booking through the ship.Thanks for your input.

Casanova frankenstein 07-02-2007 10:12 AM

I am from Puerto Rico and I have been in the Adventure of the seas, Great ship!!!
If you are interested in snorkeling tours you should check st. John it has 27 beautiful beaches to do so and itís only 30 minutes from st. Thomas that was the tour which many people took when we were in it. I booked the st. John sightseeing tour excellent tour also.
If you need any advice please let me know I have a few posts related to the southern Caribbean but mostly for the ports of call of the carnival destiny here is the link:

But I can give you some info in the other ports of call for the AOSÖ

penny3333 07-02-2007 12:56 PM

I have never felt crowded on Trunk Bay and we've been there with quite a few ships in port. In Barbados, we always do the Tiami catamaran sail/snorkel. The catamarans are beautiful and the crews have always been great. If you book the one with the luncheon, try the bajan pepper sauce if you like hot and spicey sauces. It's a mustard based sauce with scotch bonnet peppers, mango, brown sugar, and spices-it's awesome. They take you on a snorkel with the turtles and then to a nice beach (even if you don't do lunch) where you can swim and enjoy a few rum punches. St. Lucia is a great island. The snorkeling at the base of the pitons is great. Last year we went to Pigeon Island, it's an interesting self-guided walking tour through an old fort, with a great look out. The beach there is clean, clear water, but not much snorkeling. I wasn't too impressed with the snorkeling in Antigua, too many jelly fish for me. It might have been the time of the year we went, it was in late October/early November. We sailed on October 26th and don't remember what day we were there. There are some posts from Scott Taylor, they went to Pineapple beach (I believe that was the name) and had a great time. In St. Maarten, I definitely wasn't impressed with the snorkeling. Most everyone wants to go to Orient Beach (clothing optional). It's a nice beach, but they charge for everything, including using the bathroom. There is a nice beach close to where you dock and the shopping is good there. The last time we were there, we did the America's Cup Racing. It was a hoot, a bunch of tourists maning a racing yacht! Hope you have a marvelous cruise!

Ellie 07-14-2007 09:40 AM

If you are doing the itinerary with St. Johns, Antigua, I recommend with Eli and his eco tour. You get on a catamaran, get a wonderful tour by water of Antigua, swim, snorkel and go to I think its called Bird Island, which is amazing with a beach and a small hike to the top of little mountain...easy to do with kids for a real treat of native birds. Don't miss this one.

Barbados: another catamaran snorkel tour with a very small group...just terrific.

Have a blast.

B&Kat50 08-25-2007 09:55 AM

Hi gweb689! We are going on RC to Southern Caribbean in Nov. 07. I have the same question you do with reference also to St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbados. I hope to follow along with the responses you get. Have you already been on the cruise? I can't tell if it is just as economical to book a shore excursion that includes lunch, chair, transportation or just get a taxi. Good luck and have fun!

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