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Cortney 01-01-2011 11:32 AM

How far to Simpson Bay Lagoon in St. Maarten?
Hi everyone! We're leaving on the Jewel in a month and we're trying to decide on shore excursions still. One we were eyeing was the kayaking in St. Maarten. It says that you have to take a ride to Simpson Bay Lagoon. We were hoping someone has done this and can tell us approximately how long the ride is. We're trying to avoid repeats of some past experiences where we were stuck on buses for long periods of time, bored out of our gourd, and then had a five-second excursion. ;)

I looked at a map of St. Maarten, and it appears Simpson Bay Lagoon is closer to Marigot than Philipsburg (where we're docking), but I really have no concept of the distance time-wise. Any help on this (and any opinions on the excursion itself, too!) would be much appreciated. Thanks!

LHT28 01-01-2011 07:52 PM

Yes it is near Marigot but also the airport is on the other side so I guess it depends on where they launch the kayaks from

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