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klm0628 04-06-2011 11:21 AM

What to do in San Juan? Ziplines and hiking in the Rain Forest through waterfalls...
Acampa Tours is unsurpassed by the rest! Defiantly THE BEST tours guides and the most incredible zip lining & hiking through waterfalls ever! San Juan was beautiful, but it was so neat to see it how the locals see it and venture to other parts of the island! TOTALLY worth the money, I think they could charge way more!

their site is world wide web dot acampapr dot com


To start off with they were so friendly and helpful in the planning/booking process…spoke very good English…and were VERY accommodating to our schedule and time crunch! Janet was the lady that I corresponded with the most and was very sweet. They made sure that we were prepared with the things we would need to bring (old tennis shows, water, sunscreen, clothes that can get wet, cameras, etc.) and called to confirm all of the details. (P.S.-bring an epipen if you are allergic to bees, because there were some at the landing while we were suiting up!)
We were Carnival Cruise Travelers (3 couples total and we picked up one more couple) and were worried that we wouldn’t have enough time to complete a Zip Line tour somewhere besides where everyone else on the ship goes! But Acampa helped us achieve this!

The ship confused us a little because they told us the ship’s time was different than the local time, but come to find out, the locals can see what time the ship is supposed to dock and can help you plan from there. Our ship was schedule to arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico @ 7:00 am. So our guides picked us up at from the Port which wasn’t even a 3 min. walk outside of Security.
We then drove for about 45 mins or so to the Tour site. Raymond & His Colleague (our Guides) talked to us, and told us cool facts about the local area. They had a nice cleaned, air conditioned van to make the ride in.

When we got to the launch site we were greeted by some cool chickens and some really nice locals. We were also lucky enough to meet the Land owner, he was SO COOL! We got out of the van, changed shoes; they gave us dry bags for our cameras, etc., put our helmets on, grabbed our harnesses and took off on the trek.
We tracked through the rain forest, walked in (yes in, you get wet, and there is no getting around it! :P) and around waterfalls, up and down rocks, and stopped at the top for the first of 4 Ziplines. We took a water break and harnessed up! Then away we each went while they took pictures of us, and gave us great directions! We proceeded through the rest of the course and learned about indigenous plants and saw birds and other animals. Nothing scary though! I am by no means in great shape and got a little winded at first, but they allowed us to take breaks, and safety was always s their #1 priority!

Then they allowed us to go on an extra Zip line that they use sometimes, which was a plus. All in all, my guess is that the hike was about 3 hours for a group of 8, with travel time and a lunch break included it was about 5.5 hours total.

As another added bonus, they asked if we had time to eat…and we said yes, so they took us to this AWESOME local “hole in the wall place”, that had AMAZING food, they told us in English what all of the foods were, and we got the Mu-funga! It was some of the best unusual food I’ve ever tried!

We then drove back to the port, again talking with them, instead of it being a quit boring ride! They passed around clipboards and had us pay for the adventure, (they had asked us towards the end of the tour if we were happy with it to make sure we got what we wanted out of it)…we tipped very well, because we felt like it was very much worth it…I personally would much rather see a locally owned and operated company get the benefits of tourist rather than a cruise line! The $115 price included the transportation, taxes, and adventure with all equipment…you couldn’t even book the travel to most other places for that and then the competitors prices weren’t even that good!)

They dropped us off where we were picked up and we said our goodbyes…we felt as if we found new friends, and have kept in touch through facebook! (where they also post pictures that they take of you!-FREE of charge!)

This is a for sure, MUST DO, for anyone that wants to have a fun time in San Juan…when we go back there next time, we are going to do their kayak tour! :-)

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