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alexandra cruiser 10-13-2011 07:18 AM

Grand Turk,,,what to do besides ocean activities?
Need something like island tour,,,but safe for senior single traveler..tried to google HOHO bus,,but no info..
Don t want snorkel,beach,boat,etc...but not sure about taking taxi on own,,or just walking to town,,any ideas.Will be there from 10 to 6.Thanks.

susanmaz 10-13-2011 12:25 PM

Check out the Grand Turk Cruise Center website CarnivalGrandTurk Home - this will give you an example of what is available. They are all via the cruise lines. If you go on your own, you'll need a cab to get into the town as it's too far to walk. You can also rent a cab for a ride around the island - it is a small island. It is very lovely there. There is a nice beach right off the pier and a Margaritaville with a pool and bar and restaurant at the cruise center. The water is unbelievable - it's a nice stop.

alexandra cruiser 10-13-2011 01:03 PM

What a great site..thanks
gave lots of info,,,should be able to find something,,if not the cruise center sounds great too. Now I feel MUCH better...looks beautiful there...looking forward to it..
Would you feel safe going on own in taxi,,,not sure about crime there...the town is no problem..Glad you told me its too far to walk..Know we did last yr.and would NOT have felt safe in most of ports on own,,or in taxi.

susanmaz 10-13-2011 04:07 PM

We took a cab into town. Walked around with no problems - other than the humidity; make sure you bring water with you. We met some wonderful locals, they are very proud of their country. You will also find Haitian refugees selling on the streets, but when we were there, they were not pushy. We are explorers, so we walked up and down side streets and had no problems. If you click on the "Island Information" tab on the home page of the cruise center website, you'll see a link for maps of both the island and of downtown Cockburn Town. It's really small.... From the ship, you can see the ocean on the far side of the island. I hope you enjoy the visit. I'm looking at itineraries that include the stop so we can visit again.

macmom111 10-13-2011 05:26 PM

we were in Grand Turks last month, it was beautiful. we grabbed a taxi van and asked him to show us his Island and he did, he told us about it, it last 2 hrs. we were very very safe. we waited until the afternoon to go, like 1 in the afternoon after the rush was over. We had the taxi van for just the 3 of us. very kind man. I would do it again. safe for seniors, just walk out of the little shopping area and the taxis will be there. 25 dollars. worth every penny.

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