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dearlyi 08-04-2012 09:49 AM

Diamonds International is a scam!
DIAMONDS INTERNATIONAL IS A SCAM! BEWARE! DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THEIR BRANCH STORES IN THE CARRIBEAN! I visited their store branch at Nassau, Bahamas on June 2012, and bought a 3-stone oval shaped diamond ring. Since I'm not a gemologist, just an average shopper, I bought the ring in good faith. I was assured by the salesperson and her Manager that the ring I was buying have good quality diamonds on it. In my mind, a "good" quality diamond is at least an SI1 or above, and that is why I negotiated, bought, and paid for the ring for the price of $7,100. I had asked for an appraisal to ensure that the diamonds on the ring I was buying was in fact a "good" quality diamond. They had informed me that they will issue and give me the appraisal when I had already paid/bought the ring. Since my ring needed to be sized, they had asked me to go back in an hour. When I went and picked up the ring, the store was already in the process of closing for the day, giving me no time to inspect the ring and review the appraisal. When I got to my hotel, I was disappointed when I saw the appraisal that indicated the diamonds are I3 quality (which this rating does not even exist on the official Gemologist rating system). The next day, I immediately called the store, and spoke to an Andy from their Customer Service, informing them of my disappointment and wanted to return the ring. They told me that they cannot accept a return unless I have an Return Merchandise Authorization. They had advised me to call their 800-number on the back of the receipt. I contacted them numerous times, pleaded my case, negotiated an exchange for a better quality ring, but they refused to help me and will not refund my money back! These people are plain scammers! DO NOT make a mistake of buying any type of jewelry from them, they will rip you off!

poormom 08-05-2012 05:46 AM

Ouch. Don't mean to hit you while you're down, but why woud you make a 7000 dollar jewerly purchase from anyone but your trusted jeweler?
From the sounds of things you weren't a cruise passenger. If you were able to go back the next day, why didn't you just wait until morning?
Thanks for sharing you expensive lesson wih us.
If you loved the ring when you thought it was a higher quality, why not just continue to love it.? After all, it is a token of what I hope was a great vacation, and clearly you had the ability to buy it and it must have caught your eye.

peter l 08-10-2012 10:57 AM

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that Diamond's International (a presence in the US) was a reputable merchandiser, and stood behind their jewlery. I have purchased several pieces over the years and the quality of the items have been backed with an appraisal and certification matching the purchase. When I had an issue with a clasp, they gladly had me mail it and paid the postage both ways and replace the defective piece quickly. I have had some of my purchases looked at and they are what they were said to be. Its like most things, buyer beware.


Cruise Fanatic 08-10-2012 02:05 PM

I suspect there's a lot more to the original posters story than what is being told.

wooddon 08-11-2012 03:12 PM

Our first cruise we never knew better and took the ship word to please go to Diamonds International, which we did and never again!!! The staff was waiting at the door and never would leave us and kept bugging us. Also we saw that the jewlery was way over price and not the quality we expected. This was in Alaska. So we just refuse to go into these stores ever again.

macmom111 08-13-2012 10:11 PM

I thought diamonds international was part of Carnival Corp. Anyone know anything about this?

Dave 08-14-2012 08:56 AM

Diamonds International is privately owned.

mmomom 08-22-2012 06:19 PM

I got a beautiful 6 carat tennis bracelet in Nassau which is genuine and certified and beautiful ... that was 7 years ago, I think. We also bought a beautiful pair of 1 carat diamond earrings at the Diamond Store onboard RCCI ... Freedom of the Seas, I think ... a few years back. Never had a problem. Sorry you had such a problem ... I would think you should be able to contact them and get some sort of satisfaction?:confused:

Berick1234 08-25-2012 05:30 PM

We've purchased items from Diamonds International at many different islands and have never had a problem...we needed a repair on a bracelet, wrote to them and they fixed it right away....Just bought a Diamond/Ruby ring in St. Lucia for my wife, marked $2,700 and was on sale for $700.....she loved it, wanted it and didn't care if was worth more than the $700...Our jeweler checked it out when we got home and appraised it at $3,, I guess we got lucky....If you like it, can afford it, just get it........Happy Cruising to us all...
Buyer Be Ware:-)

Bob E

Linda Manfredi 09-04-2012 04:17 PM

Beware of Diamond International
I am sorry to say I fell into the same problem. I purchased two very expensive watches there. When returning to the USA I found out the watches were much cheaper on the internet. I emailed them but got no relief. They said the watches being sold are those sites were not licensed dealer. When I purchased them they told me this was the deal of a lifetime.
Stay away from Diamond International. They are crooks.

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